Saturday, December 27, 2014

All packed up

Hi guys, it's been a really long while, hasn't it? There really isn't an excuse this time other than the fact that I never really got around to updating my life on this blog.

Truth is, and as anyone following me on any form of social media would know, it's been a long time coming that I have been growing out of KPop. I knew it, most people knew it. It was a long 2 years of me still trying to be into KPop but failing.

Earlier this year, Infinite had a comeback and my friends all tweeted me the MV and whatnot. And you know what? I honestly didn't care much about it and if they had not tweeted me, then I wouldn't have even known. At that point, any part of me left that thought that I was still into KPop was proven completely wrong. Shortly after, Beast also had a comeback, again, didn't care. I didn't care much about 2013 comebacks either but still bought the albums - god knows why. But this year, I made no KPop purchases.

In June, I actually packed up all my KPop things because I needed more space in my rooms to put my comics and statues (which I have been reading and following for the past 2-3 years). I needed wall space so I took down all my posters except the Infinite ones that I got from attending their Second Invasion concert, more for nostalgia and also the fact that those posters cannot be found anywhere. All the boxes are in my garage in storage.

I actually considered selling them because there is at least $6 000 worth of merchandise in those boxes but I couldn't bring myself to sell them. I still have fan towels and light sticks in my room for 'in case of emergency' concerts in Sydney lol. If CUBE artists or Infinite came to Australia, I'd definitely still go see them, but other than that, don't count on running into me at events like before.

So yep, that about wraps up why I haven't been posting here, I'm sure those who had followed this blog from the beginning also noticed the growing gaps between posts.

Sorry that I never got around to updating this blog about my leaving of the fandom. Sorry that I worried some people by suddenly disappearing. But all my other social media accounts and my personal blog are alive. You are welcome to follow me on other medias if you want but don't expect any form of KPop there and don't feel like you have to.

Thank you to those followers who have been with me through these years of my running of the blog. I appreciate you and hope that by now that you have found a good blog for Beast product reviews.

Wishing you all the best with your B2UTY-ful futures.

Thank you, for the last time.