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This page is really just for me, like my own little to-do list. But I guess if you guys were interested in upcoming blog posts too? xD Even though this blog has been dead for a while, that doesn't mean the Beast part of my life stopped, no no. I've still been buying everything too, so I just need to keep a list of it here LOL. The items may or may not be blogged in this order and/or on the days provided

  • Beast official cheering towel 
  • Beast Seasons Greetings 2014
  • Giveaway (01 February 2014)
    • Midnight Sun Album (+ Dongwoon photocard)
    • Hard to Love, How to Love Album (+ Dongwoon photocard)
  • Beast BodyArt DVD + Towel
  • Yoseob "The First Collage" album
  • The Beautiful Show in Seoul Making Book
  • Yoseob "The First Collage" album (Japanese version)
  • Beast selca photobook
  • Giveaway winner announcement (01 March 2014)
  • Beautiful Show concert DVD
  • United Cube photobook
  • Midnight Sun sticker set
  • Midnight Sun card sticker set
  • Official goods haul [highlight below for spoilers]
    • Beast ear cap
    • Beast photo stand
    • Beast photo clip
    • Beast post-it notes
    • Beast notebooks
    • Beast socks

Posts that I planned to do but won't end up doing (but I may whip these out if there's nothing else to blog about for a long period of time)

  • Fiction and Fact
  • Shock (Japanese version)
  • Bad Girl (Japanese version)
  • SO BEAST [Japanese album]
  • Welcome To BEAST AIRLINE concert merchandise
  • Welcome Back To BEAST AIRLINE concert merchandise
  • Welcome To BEAST AIRLINE DVD + Poster
  • Beautiful Show 2012 concert merchandise
  • Elle Girl magazine

If you have any questions about merchandise on the second list (items I won't be posting), feel free to contact me and I will try my best to answer your questions

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