Monday, January 31, 2011

BEAST's maknae, Son Dongwoon, accepted into Gunkook University's Movie & Arts Department

Beast's Son Dong Woon became a new student of Gun Kook University's Movie and Arts Department.
Dongwoon qualified in Gun Kook University's 2011 entrance exams. Because of group activities, he delayed his entrance into university by one year, but this time after passing the entrance exams, he has become a true university student.

Cube Entertainment stated, 'Even with his busy schedule, Dongwoon managed to fork out time to prepare for the entrance exams. All the other members are congratulating him on his qualification.'

Beast are now at the final stage before their Japanese debut. Many kinds of preparations are in progress.

Congratulations Dongwoon!! Study well and work hard! But make sure that you don't overwork yourself! Because that's bad ><

B2UTY will support you 110% =D

Also, that picture they used for the article. LOL! I can't help but look at Doojoon every time I see the picture xD No offense Dongwoon! xD

B2UTY's kisses

I'll gladly make your body better ;P

Yoseobie, although I think it's awfully cute that B2UTY's kisses make you better, and that it's nice that you're working so hard for the concert. But please, please, take care of your health, it's always the most important thing to us B2UTY!

Rest well, don't over work too hard!

We'll give you kisses even if your body isn't aching :P

DooSeob BBQ

So here are some more pictures from the BBQ Concert, and boy there was already enough DooSeob moments from this. But hey, there's clearly a DooSeob in the Soom choreography, so there's always more :P

Yeah you just know what he's gonna do. Doojoon doesn't do this often, but now he is again :P DO IT MORE OFTEN DOOJOON!!

But next time Doojoon, don't use the mic. Because we all know that you want to use your hands :P And no hovering, SMACK HIM! :P

Sunday, January 30, 2011

At my funeral

Last night, my friend told me about how his little sister wanted Hokage's Funeral to be played at her funeral - yes, she is a Narutard. LOL. Then he asked me what song I would like, and I told him that I never really thought about my funeral before, because you know, it isn't exactly something that crosses your mind on a normal day-to-day basis... LOL!

But he told me to decide like I would be dead in the next 5 minutes (gee thanks LOL) and I thought of BEAST's Clenching A Tight Fist.

Okay so the words isn't exactly funeral-ly, but hey it's a nice slow ballad and all, and I quite like it. So if I die, play this at my funeral. LOLOL!!!

I wonder if my choice is normal, are you even allowed to have a song with words playing at your funeral? I'm not exactly an expert on this haha!

Well I'm sure I'm not the only one right? What would you want played at your funeral?

DooSeob spam

Okay so BEAST updates have been pretty slow the past few days. And that's why this blog has been dead. So I'm just gonna compile a small DooSeob post so that this place isn't dead haha!

Oh on the plus side. GUESS WHAT ARRIVED YESTERDAY!? Beast Seasons Greeting Pack! Booyah! I'll be making a post about it sometime this week :P

So anyways, recently there have been lots of wonderful DooSeob moments, and I'm absolutely loving them all. So excuse me while I just spam some random pictures, gifs and fancams here :P

He was just using the sticker as an excuse to hug Doojoon in public. We all know it :P

He's just marking what's his so no one else can take it :P

Words can't express how crazy I went when I saw this. OH GOD. LOL! My mind was going wild xD

Doojoon spots Yoseob in the crowd. Target locked-on.

Mwahaha I loved this fancam. Why? Because Doojoon drags Yoseob away from Junhyung, which he should have been doing for a long while now. Then took the opportunity to give Yoseob a piggy back because everyone else was doing it, so no one would guess that they were actually together :P But oh Doojoon, we know ;D

Expressing some love for the Japanese debut :P

Oh my gosh, this fancam played with my head so much! The music even suited the mood! If only Doojoon didn't turn his head so much, my imagination would've had more fun. LOL! BUT OH MY GOD YOSEOB! Way to be subtle! xD

Okay I loved this. It's better when you see it in the action. Because Yoseob just looks at Doojoon and then moved in closer. But then it ends up being a whisper. I bet he was about to kiss Doojoon, but then realised there were people around so turned it into a whisper! Tch! Can't hide from the DooSeob shippers!

In conclusion. DOOSEOB IS REAL.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Site Poll Error - Please re-vote

Okay so just now I went on the blog to see that the votes for the poll were decreased and they were all over the place. I can't seem to get it fixed and the Blogger Help Centre didn't help me at all.

So I made a new poll widget that isn't a Blogger one. The options are still the same except this time it includes the Seasons Greeting Pack because I know a lot of people are gonna want it - it's pure awesome and everyone should want it. LOL!

So please do vote again. And I will prepare for the giveaway once I get 20 votes.

Also if you choose Album - the giveaway will most likely be one of the four Japanese ones coming out in March.

Sorry about this, please do vote again as I would really like to do a giveaway (:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sweet DooSeob

Okay as if we weren't getting enough DooSeob lately!! And OMG look at these that I just found from my fellow dooseoblove family :P

Okay seriously, Doojoon is sweaty, wearing a tanktop, doing his famous Doopose, and the finishing touch? Yoseob taking a picture of it all. It must be torture for Yoseob to not be able to jump on Doojoon there and then. But their attempts to hide DooSeob from us are fail, we totally know what's going on! xD

Okay does this need an explanation? Little Yoseobie is doing the Doopose!! I mean he doesn't do it as well as Kikwang does, as someone whose tried to do the Doopose, it's not as easy as it looks! LOL! And doesn't Yoseob's hands look huge here? Like always? LOL!! But seeing Yoseob doing the Doopose, or at least, trying to, is totally awesome.

All this sweet DooSeob lately, I love it all! <3

Omnomnom Yoseob

Okay sorry I didn't post yesterday, yesterday was a slow day for me with BEAST updates because I was out and what not. Then I just never felt like posting late at night LOL! Anyways before I start, HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY EVERYONE!

Did you guys notice how much Yoseob was eating during the Idol Championships? That boy just doesn't stop eating. LOL! Here's a few videos :P

Like Jinwoon feeding him a cracker as he greets the fans and cameras. He's so cute, Jinwoon at the Idol Championship was awesome!

Oh and when he and Dongwoon are playing with the earmuffs, he also ate a banana :3 We haven't seen him eat a banana since he was blonde! Keke! So cute!

Then he ate a cheese stick, I think maybe this happened before the earmuffs one, but yeah haha!

Oh and then he also ate chips here, Doritos? Hehe!

LOL he's the cutest thing ever! Our Yoseob doesn't stop eating!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Starstruck DongSeob

So the MBC Idol Championship for Lunar New Year was filmed last night. Hyunseung and Seungri reunited! That's cute!

But what's cuter was when he introduced Seungri to Yoseob and Dongwoon! Haha!

So at first everyone is all happy, Seungri must be talking about how awesome Hyunseung is and stuff like that. Revealing embarrassing stories about Hyunseung back in the day maybe? ;D

So they both bow to greet him nicely... A little too nicely. But hey it's Seungri man, he deserves some hardcore respect right?

Dongwoon bows a lot and drags Seungri down, Seungri is a little shocked by the suddenness I think haha!

Then Seungri moves on to greet Yoseob and y\Yoseob is just freaking out in his head, but acting a lot calmer than Dongwoon was. But too calm maybe? So Seungri pulls Yoseob in for a hug but Yoseob is still freaking out in his own little world! Haha!

Ahh really, idols being starstruck is great :P They are so cute! <3

Sunday, January 23, 2011

[FANCAM] BEAST (비스트) #28 DooSeob @ 20th Ṣεoυl Mυsıc ɑwɑɾds 11O12O

Okay yes I know, I can see the time is like 4am. And I need to get up in like 5 hours, but I am busy. LOL! Talking to my dooseoblove family :P Which I may or may not post more about here when I wake up.

BUT OMG ALL THE DOOSEOB MOMENTS LATELY! Seriously I love it all so much! Haha! I might end up making a DooSeob post when I get time.

This fancam totally killed me, it's so awesome!

So like Doojoon drags Yoseob away from Junhyung - IT'S ABOUT FREAKING TIME HE DID THAT!

And then like he uses this as an excuse to piggy back Yoseob of course haha! And our little pseudo maknae if very happy being with his beloved boyfriend's back in public :P

I'm going to bed with all this DooSeob <3 I will fix this post up when I wake up probably LOL!


Just found out that Junhyung got sick yesterday and Doojoon didn't feel good at Dream Of Asia today. Hope you boys get better! Hwaiting!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

20110122 Yoseob's twitpics

Oh so there was one of these!! B2uty mehrong (sticking tongue out)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ xD
CREDITS: b2utiesloveb2st@tumblr (TRANS)

Look me in the eye and say he isn't the cutest thing alive. It just came so suddenly on my Twitter timeline. And then I decided to check out his TwitPic account just to browse everything and I saw this one and I was like )#(%*#M)(%

But it didn't work when I first clicked on it, so I had to refresh. Then I saved it and it was immediately my new MSN dp LOL!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Yay they finally arrived! I made these purchases when the store first open and since I was doing concealed cash, I had to wait longer.

Sorry for the bad quality picture, I took it with my phone because my camera is dead right now.

Anyways these are just those normal rubber bracelets you see everywhere, they're like an inch (2.5cm) thick. The store offers a variety of bracelets, but please be nice since the store is still quite new so they don't have every group. Luckily they had BEAST yay!

I also bought the SHINee and DBSK ones while I was at it. The second BEAST one is for my B2UTYMATE :3 DBSK is for my greatest online friend, Cookie :3

Guys please check out the store, for more and they aren't even expensive. But Lisa is the only one that works there so don't be mean, she's a good person )<

Thursday, January 20, 2011

BEAST Seasons Greeting Pack spazzing

Before I start, these pictures aren't mine. I've pre-ordered them and they haven't arrived yet. I will post about this again soon. In this post I'm just putting up a few of the pictures I like, even though I like pretty much everything.


I wanted to spazz about this yesterday but I had other things to spazz about too so I just ended up not blogging at all LOL!

I assume this is the box and HOLY GOSH I would die if I saw this when I took it our of the bubble wrap and what not had I not been warned LOL!

Let me say that Yoseob totally owned cuteness in this photobook? Like he gave cute a whole spanking new meaning. I squealed so much when I saw this. LOL! Like as if I didn't think his calendar page was cute enough before, there's MORE in the photobook. This is the best page so far for me :P

But on the other hand, Doojoon's pages were like awesome too, I think he's second favourite. He almost beats Yoseob. LOL! Please note my bias kicks in here xD NO ONE'S PAGES ARE BETTER THAN YOSEOB'S ALRIGHT!? :P

Nah but really when I saw Doojoon on this page I was like OMG DEAD AGAIN.

As for this one, I saw it at 3am and I literally shrieked full loud. I was upset with the JunSeob ones because seriously, out of the mix and matching, KiWoon was the only one of the original pairings that came out of it. BEAST does randomisation in these things to be fair, I know, but I bet DooSeob would choose to be with each other if they could choose :P

But yeah this picture made all those JunSeob ones worth it <3

Okay yeah I don't wanna post too much about it here because this isn't even my one. Like I said I'll post again about it when mine arrives.

For those that don't have it yet, GO BUY IT! IT'S WORTH THE MONEY! In fact I think it's worth a LOT more.

These pictures were taken from bestiz by the way. Credits to the owner.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sad Doojoon? D:

Didn't really have much to say today, but here's something I'll post (:
[TRANS] @ Why is everything going so well today!!!!!!???
[TRANS] @ Gina nuna's new song Black&White, hwaiting!!!!!! Today is an uproaring day keke ekekekekeke hwaiting

When I saw those two translations earlier today, I was very glad. My day was pretty awesome too! I was glad Yoseob was happy keke, why wouldn't I be? :3

But then just now, I saw this.
[TRANS] @ @ Everything is going well for you...

And I'm like, is everything not going well for Doojoon...? ): Maybe he's had a long day of filming or something. Doojoon don't worry! Tomorrow is another day? Smile!

Or maybe you should go over to Yoseob's again and eat beef together :3

Deflated BEAST fan balloon

For those that follow my Twitter, you would already have seen this. But basically, if you recall my post of the BEAST fan balloon a while back.

Yeah this is what it looks like now, it was actually going pretty okay, I mean it's been up since October. So yeah I think that lasted pretty good. I saw it deflated today and I was like NEEEUUUU!!!

I think it's time I blow up another one haha! Yeah what a waste, I blow up these balloons for no reason. BEAST doesn't even come to Australia </3

Not yet at least...


Monday, January 17, 2011

After some fiery last minute voting, BEAST is still first place for the Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Awards

Who will be the winner of the Muse Trophy in the 2011 High1 Seoul Music Awards?

The 20th High1 Seoul Music Awards will be held on the 20th of January at the Kyunghee University Peace Centre. As of now, cellphone and ARS popularity voting is still going strong for the three main award categories, which are the Bonsang Award, Newcomer Award and Popularity Award respectively. Last year’s awards saw current girl groups getting the upper hand but current boy groups and rookie groups were not daunted by this. There was also close competition by solo singers with both strength and qualifications.

For the Bonsang Award category, since 14 January, Beast is in first place with 30.2 % of the votes, Super Junior comes in 2nd with 20.5 % of the votes while Girls Generation is in 3rd place with 10.9 % of the votes.

To vote in the 20th High1 Seoul Music Awards, send 3321+NATE/SHOW/OZ or **3321+SHOW via your handphone. For ARS dial 060-900-0999 to vote. Results can be viewed at the official Seoul Music Awards website which is

The awards ceremony will be held on the 20th of January from 7-10 pm KST. Besides that, this event is held in conjunction with Visit Korea 2010-2012′s Korea Grand Sale ( January 10 ~ February 28, 2011). Overseas fans are invited to attend.
CREDITS: NATE, beastchina (SOURCE); yangting1302@mybeastyboys (TRANS)

BOOYAH! That's what I'm talkin' about! Haha! Go K-B2UTY's! Go! BEAST is actually beating SM in the voting, this feels like a very big deal to me haha! The boys would be so happy if they won the award (: We would be very proud B2UTY!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

20110116 YOSEOB’S POST – HELLO~~~~

Hello beauties
Music programs are not fun these days because BEAST is not on it, right!
Just wait a little bit! We’ll comeback with more cool and exciting song!!
Meanwhile, please love all the programs we will be appearing on!
Eum.. I’ll be going now bbyong!!!!!!
Ah the encore concert is not far away from now…. pit-a-pat pit-a-pat!!!! kekekeke
The picture is a confirmation shot and a present~~~ Byebye

Ut it looks awkward now that I actually uploded the picture… kekekekekekekekekekekekeke

Yes Yoseob the music programs are quite boring now that BEAST aren't on ;P LOL! I'm not even watching them weekly anymore. Okay well I'm gonna watch Music Core but that's because of Onew 8D

But don't worry about us, you boys rest and we can wait for your comeback!

Also that picture doesn't look awkward, you're as cute as always :3

And that computer looks like one of my old computers that I've now given to my brother xD But DELL is annoying.

Site Updates 20110116

Okay so it's been about 7 weeks since I first started this blog. I've not been doing a very good job and there was a period of time where I didn't post anything.

posting updates
I hope people aren't expecting me to post up every news article that has BEAST in it, because I never planned to. I mean a lot of the articles say similar things anyways. I'm just gonna post up the ones where I feel like commenting on them in some way. Or if I feel like I haven't posted anything then I'll add in an article so that it's not a day wasted on the blog.

However if you want updates on BEAST articles and whatnot, please check our affiliates because a lot of them do post up the articles. I on the other hand just post up things I feel like spazzing about and stuff whether it's articles, videos, pictures, etc.

For those that want to affiliate with the site, please go to the Affiliates page and leave a comment as instructed on the page (: You don't have to be a BEAST site.

giveaway poll
Now I know that poll has been up there for a long time now and the number of days until the poll ends is always extended. This isn't because I'm just playing you all for fools or anything like I've been asked. It's because I have a certain number of votes I want on the poll before I do a giveaway. My goal right now is 20 votes. The date will continually be extended until I can get 20 votes. So please vote so I can do a giveaway for you all (:

Also if you want like the calendar, diary, planner, and all that stuff from the BEAST Seasons Greetings package; or a magazine, vote for "Other" and leave a comment anywhere on the blog stating which you want.

beast toplist
If you like what this blog offers... Which really isn't much I don't think, then please take the time to click the button on the side of the blog and vote, it only takes a few minutes (: That way more traffic can come in and hopefully vote and take part in the site so I can do giveaways and stuff more often!

I think it's about time I get around to making a proper layout for this blog, I've been so lazy and I didn't think I had that many readers anyways and I was just typing because I felt like it so I didn't think it'd matter. But the Blogger Stats show that I get quite a number of viewers per day LOL! So now I think I'm gonna make the blog look nicer to attract people if they pass by and stuff. So keep on the lookout for the new layout!

Our Godwoon

OMG this seriously came out of no where. Dongwoon sweetie, HAVE YOU NOT HEARD OF A WARNING SIGN!?

He just tweeted it out of nowhere. Hmm those other two bodies you see in the picture, could it be the rest of the members are like that too? :P

Saturday, January 15, 2011

K-POP★BOYS Magazine Issue 01/2011

Okay finally I can put this post up after 4 days. This is the K-POP★BOYS Japanese Magazine, it's the January 2011 issue, I can't find a volume number on the magazine or anything :S

So basically my friend and I saw this magazine online, I saw the Kinokuniya price tag so we went to our own Kinokuniya in Sydney, but they didn't have the magazine so they ordered it in for us. We waited 3 weeks and here it is!

This is the magazine cover, please remember that the Japanese magazines are backwards (read right to left) so the back cover is not the actual cover. 2PM and BEAST are the main focuses in this issue but as you will find out, Japanese magazines (the ones I am more used to) are vastly different and far more worth the money than Korean magazines.

I have no idea what this BEAST vs 2PM thing is, it never happened. It says on M Countdown in Seoul up the top there. I haven't been bothered to read the article yet to see what it's actually about. LOL!

Nonetheless I thank them for the shots. But these shots are pretty crappy. Doojoon's blurry and they totally didn't click the camera at the right time, clearly. Kikwang's face ==

This is a short article on the Dream Concert with pictures of the many groups that took part. The next page is full of group pictures.


Remember that you read right to left in this magazine, so I'm posting the pages in order you would read them. There is also an article like this for 2PM. It focuses on the awesome dance moves of Soom and Shock.


Here's my favourite page. These are UNSEEN pictures from the Mastermind Photoshoot. It talks about the albums that BEAST have released so far as well and there's a little bit about their history like when they debuted, their image, it mentions Shock and Soom title songs, etc etc.

This is an interview from the boys. It's really long as you can see and full of text and I'm lazy to read it all. I kinda just skimmed for Yoseob's name and read his bits LOLOL! But I believe it talks about the major debut in Japan this coming February based off the title of the thing LOL!

Here's some more jacket photoshoots, but from Shock this time.

Yeah how hot is Doojoon? Seriously? LOL! Oh yeah the others all looked good too, but look at our charismatic leader man, LOOK AT HIM!

More photoshoots yay! I loved these photos and I still have the Shock themed screensaver. I said I would rotate Bad Girl and Shock themes but... Nyeh. LOL!

This is the very last page of the magazine! 8D Look at Yoseob leaning on Doojoon.

This is the poster that came with it. There was also a 2PM poster at the front of the magazine, but being the HOTTEST that I'M NOT, I don't know where their pictures came from. But I know ours is from the Shock photoshoot, clearly. LOL!

And this is the other side of our poster, Bad Girl yay!! As you can see from the fold, the poster is just twice the magazine. The magazine is a little shorter than an A4 paper.

This is the inside of the back cover. BEAST and 4minute yay!

And this is the wonderful back cover. Yet another UNSEEN picture from the Mastermind photoshoot. Man I hope they show us these pictures soon, look how nice they are!

Yeah it was so cheap too! Look at the price tag! I was expecting it to be like $70! But seriously it was very good money spent. Not only did it have tonnes and tonnes of BEAST and 2PM (cover stories), there were plenty of other groups, like many groups, they had lots of the 2010 rookies too which were nice to see. It's good that the rookies are getting seen.

Oh and what's cool, even if BEAST is the back cover, if you turn the magazine over and read it left to right, you have most of the BEAST things at the front. Reading it right to left would give you lots of 2PM at the front. But there's a fair amount of articles and pages that BEAST are in too in the rest of the magazine as you can see from the pictures.

I was very impressed and still am quite happy with this magazine. I recommend that you buy it, you can get it at your local Kinokuniya store! If not, go order it online YAY! :D

Friday, January 14, 2011

"My Princess" Lee Gi Kwang, a Surprising Wink to Kim Tae Hee, An Explosion of 'Dainty Charm'

I'm incredibly sorry for the late update. I tried to take pictures to make a post last night but the lighting was horrible and then my camera died this afternoon when I tried. So here's another news article until I post it tomorrow (:

“Mother’s womb Idol” Beast’s Lee Gi Kwang has risen as Kim Tae Hee’s strong reinforcement.

In the Wednesday-Thursday drama that will be broadcasted on the 13th, “My Princess”, (written by Jang Yung Shil, produced by Kwon Suk Jang, Kang Dae Sun) Lee Gi Kwang will first appear as a worker at a seafood restaurant near the ocean.

Lee Gi Kwang was casted as Kunnie for his extremely friendly and amiable personality, and will now debut in a legitimate drama. He is starting full-scale acting in “My Princess” after exposing his unique charm by acting in the sitcom “High Kick through the Roof” and participating in variety programs.

Lee Gi Kwang sends a wink and makes cute face expressions for Lee Seol (Kim Tae Hee), who visits the ocean-side seafood restaurant, and in order to comfort Lee Seol, who is sad, he purses her on his motorcycle and shows his unrestricted affection towards her. As expected from a “Mother’s womb Idol”, Lee Gi Kwang’s cute expressions and wink made the filming site turn into a wave of laughter. On this day, Lee Gi Kwang perfectly played the lively and sweet role of Kunnie, even rumored to have shown acting that was “100% real Kunnie”

Because he is working with top stars including Song Seung Hun and Kim Tae Hee, Lee Gi Kwang did not forget his thoughts of “It seems like a dream”. Because of the challenge in being his first full-scale drama, one is looking forward to the acting fervor of Lee Gi Kwang, more than anybody else’s.

Lee Gi Kwang’s agency said, “Although it is his first tackle at a legitimate drama, he is acting out his lively and sweet character comfortably, thanks to you. The role is one in which Lee Gi Kwang’s usual personality has casually seeped through” and “He will show a bright and warm side of him as Kim Tae Hee’s strong reinforcement.”

Meanwhile, in MBC’s “My Princess”, Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Hun’s turn to comic acting has immediately risen as a strong Wednseday-Thursday program, gaining full support from viewers. MBC’s “My Princess” airs every Wednesday and Thursday night at 9:55PM.

CREDITS: Break News (SOURCE); musiclovex3@B2ST RISING (TRANS)

If you haven't watched the cut, you should, Kikwang is really adorable and the preview for the next episode is to die for.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

BEAST reveals the teaser videos for their encore concert

Ahh isn't the teaser beautiful?? Yes I know I am horribly late with this update but I was at the SUPER K-POP Concert with SHINee and I got home 2 hours ago. I'm still too spazzy to be blogging properly so this is all I'm leaving for now I think haha!

For the fans who have been waiting for the opening of the ticket sales on the 12th at 2PM KST, BEAST’s management had posted the first version of the teaser for the encore concert via their official Youtube channel and the official fan café to hype up the mood for the special event.

BEAST will be posting up the corresponding teasers for the BEAST encore concert 'Welcome BACK to BEAST Airline' that will be held on February 18th and 19th at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium. The first one was the ‘Yoon Doojoon Version’ and along with the release, the official promotions have begun.

Also, the management stated that they will be revealing the concert teasers for each member for six days starting with Yoon Doojoon. The teasers this time will display the stage videos for each member along with the narration of comments that each member experienced about the first solo concert with their own voice.

There is an importance on the fact that BEAST members showed no hesitation choosing the first concert as the moment that was their happiness and joy and that the encore concert will be a rerun of that moment.

Also, at the end of last year, BEAST had shown intense popularity with their first solo concert selling out the first day. Not only that, this concert had been on the ranking for the ‘Must Go-to Concerts’ making the anticipation rise even more with the ticket sales opening.

In addition, Interpark, the system that will be selling BEAST’s concert tickets, had decided to upgrade their servers and run maintenance in order to handle the influx of fans on the 12th at 8PM KST.

Meanwhile, BEAST members are currently practicing and preparing for the spectacle appearance and formations they will be displaying at the encore concert.

Check out the teaser video here:

Monday, January 10, 2011

BEAST's Yang Yoseob, "There is a clear definite line between criticism and hate comments"

BEAST’s Yang Yoseob has risen as the ‘manner idol’.

Recently with the rumors that ‘BEAST member Yong Junhyung and Rainbow’s Kim Jaekyung will be on ‘We Got Married’, BEAST fans have visited Kim Jaekyung’s cyworld mini homepage and had left bashing comments. To this, Yang Yoseob had posted on his personal twitter, “The scars that I received from the someone who had randomly spat out some comments still hasn’t healed. This probably doesn’t only apply to me, but others as well. No matter what the method is, someone should never have to inflect such deep scars on another person. Apologize. Should I do it instead?” This had struck the fans and also received attention as a star was telling his own fans to apologize to another star.

To this Yong Junhyung stated, “I have no idea why there was a rumor like that. I asked my company after hearing that I might be a couple with Jaekyung, but they told me that it wasn’t true. After hearing that it wasn’t true, I thought everything was okay, but I was really surprised. Early in our debut, we faced a lot of hateful comments. And of course we still face those comments. However, even when we tried hard to ignore them, we ended up crumbling many times due to this.”

Yang Yoseob revealed, “There is a clear definite line between criticism and hate comments. Since debut, I have been scarred many times due to hateful comments. Right now I have become much more immune to it, but back then I was really in pain. At least I can hold it in because I am a guy, but she is a woman. I think she would have been really hurt by this. That is why I decided to leave that comment.”

Currently BEAST is filming their music video for Japan and will be holding their encore concert on Febuaruy 18th and 19th at the Olympic Fitness Arena.

Really this is just way too awesome. I am so proud of Yoseob. Really to think that B2UTY could do something like that, we really did used to be a respectable fan club. Yoseob and BEAST love us a lot and I can only hope that we don't upset him again over something like this.

Yoseob has proven to be so humble and this is just one of the many reasons he's loved. He's even dubbed the most respected idol in Korea for this, Yoseob we're proud of you~

Sunday, January 9, 2011

BEAST Japan Edition

Before I start posting this, please note that this is only the regular edition, not the premium edition with the DVD. See when I pre-ordered this, I got the regular one because the DVD doesn't even work in Australian DVD players, so I didn't see the point.

And can I say that it's a great regret? I don't know why but I felt very cheap at the time, normally I'd buy the premium edition anyways even if the DVD didn't work, that's just how I am. In fact, normally I'd buy both editions.

I still haven't gotten around to buying the premium one yet because I'm low on money right now, but I'll get around to buying it real soon. And the best thing about this is that YesAsia counts towards the Oricon charts so all the purchases of the Japanese albums there will help! 8D

Also, this is my last post on the BEAST things I currently have, I think, I have more but not physically with me to take pictures of and post. So yeah. But I could be forgetting things. Ah well~

This is the cover, nothing new, just the Shock jacket photo shoot. Although this is still a really nice picture haha! But yeah nothing much happening with the cover.

It's also in a regular CD case, nothing awesome like the Korean albums. Which was such a let down to me, but I guess that's just how it goes =\


Here's the CDs. The first and second albums. Nothing fancy happening with the CD. The CD bit is like flappy and it flips like the page of a book. It's nothing out of the ordinary from a normal CD case you see in Australia or anything.

This is the mini-poster that came with the CD. The same picture as the one on the album cover and it's not really big. As you can see by the folds in the poster, it's like 6 CD cases in total area. I haven't put this up yet, don't know if I will, probably will I guess.

I don't actually know what this is, it's just a little card thing that came with the CD. There's not writing on the other side or anything. I assume the premium edition comes with cooler pictures haha! Still, pretty nice picture nonetheless.

This is the lyrics booklet, it's nothing awesome like the Korean albums. In fact this is the only pay with pictures. The rest of the pages are just word-filled. And the cover of the book is the cover of the album and it's just placed into the case cover thing. Yeah nothing different from a regular Australian CD once again.

And this is the back of the CD case. Excuse my reflection =A= Tracks of the two discs, etc.

Yeah basically if you can't tell by my tone throughout this post, I was very upset with this. Ah well. I hope to get the premium edition soon. Maybe the Korean albums just got me too picky.