Saturday, January 15, 2011

K-POP★BOYS Magazine Issue 01/2011

Okay finally I can put this post up after 4 days. This is the K-POP★BOYS Japanese Magazine, it's the January 2011 issue, I can't find a volume number on the magazine or anything :S

So basically my friend and I saw this magazine online, I saw the Kinokuniya price tag so we went to our own Kinokuniya in Sydney, but they didn't have the magazine so they ordered it in for us. We waited 3 weeks and here it is!

This is the magazine cover, please remember that the Japanese magazines are backwards (read right to left) so the back cover is not the actual cover. 2PM and BEAST are the main focuses in this issue but as you will find out, Japanese magazines (the ones I am more used to) are vastly different and far more worth the money than Korean magazines.

I have no idea what this BEAST vs 2PM thing is, it never happened. It says on M Countdown in Seoul up the top there. I haven't been bothered to read the article yet to see what it's actually about. LOL!

Nonetheless I thank them for the shots. But these shots are pretty crappy. Doojoon's blurry and they totally didn't click the camera at the right time, clearly. Kikwang's face ==

This is a short article on the Dream Concert with pictures of the many groups that took part. The next page is full of group pictures.


Remember that you read right to left in this magazine, so I'm posting the pages in order you would read them. There is also an article like this for 2PM. It focuses on the awesome dance moves of Soom and Shock.


Here's my favourite page. These are UNSEEN pictures from the Mastermind Photoshoot. It talks about the albums that BEAST have released so far as well and there's a little bit about their history like when they debuted, their image, it mentions Shock and Soom title songs, etc etc.

This is an interview from the boys. It's really long as you can see and full of text and I'm lazy to read it all. I kinda just skimmed for Yoseob's name and read his bits LOLOL! But I believe it talks about the major debut in Japan this coming February based off the title of the thing LOL!

Here's some more jacket photoshoots, but from Shock this time.

Yeah how hot is Doojoon? Seriously? LOL! Oh yeah the others all looked good too, but look at our charismatic leader man, LOOK AT HIM!

More photoshoots yay! I loved these photos and I still have the Shock themed screensaver. I said I would rotate Bad Girl and Shock themes but... Nyeh. LOL!

This is the very last page of the magazine! 8D Look at Yoseob leaning on Doojoon.

This is the poster that came with it. There was also a 2PM poster at the front of the magazine, but being the HOTTEST that I'M NOT, I don't know where their pictures came from. But I know ours is from the Shock photoshoot, clearly. LOL!

And this is the other side of our poster, Bad Girl yay!! As you can see from the fold, the poster is just twice the magazine. The magazine is a little shorter than an A4 paper.

This is the inside of the back cover. BEAST and 4minute yay!

And this is the wonderful back cover. Yet another UNSEEN picture from the Mastermind photoshoot. Man I hope they show us these pictures soon, look how nice they are!

Yeah it was so cheap too! Look at the price tag! I was expecting it to be like $70! But seriously it was very good money spent. Not only did it have tonnes and tonnes of BEAST and 2PM (cover stories), there were plenty of other groups, like many groups, they had lots of the 2010 rookies too which were nice to see. It's good that the rookies are getting seen.

Oh and what's cool, even if BEAST is the back cover, if you turn the magazine over and read it left to right, you have most of the BEAST things at the front. Reading it right to left would give you lots of 2PM at the front. But there's a fair amount of articles and pages that BEAST are in too in the rest of the magazine as you can see from the pictures.

I was very impressed and still am quite happy with this magazine. I recommend that you buy it, you can get it at your local Kinokuniya store! If not, go order it online YAY! :D


  1. OMG !! I want =( I hate you for owning every B2ST thing that is available *sighh
    You even have their balloons >_>

    Mrs NichkhunJayParkJonghyun and more LOLS
    Guess who =P

  2. LOL Jeanny why are you on anonymous for?
    Hey I don't know EVERY BEAST thing that's available. Those offical CUBE light sticks I don't have because I can't find D:

  3. Sooooo muchhh moneyyy D8

  4. LOL in my opinion the magazine is incredibly cheap. Japanese magazines aren't usually that cheap xD It's well worth it in my opinion :P


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