Friday, January 7, 2011

Lights Go On Again album

Okay so while looking through this blog earlier, I realised that I didn't post the Lights Go On Again album yet. LOL. WHOOPS! I'll post about it now haha! I pre-ordered it to count towards Hanteo charts too (: Always make sure things count on the charts! 8D

I thought this album was pretty cool. It was like a combination of the three that BEAST have released so far. The material was the same, or very similar to, the one from the first album. And the design on the cover is clearly similar to the third album.

I don't know if it's just me, but did "Lights go on again" look totally off to you guys? Like as compared to if it was "Lights Go On Again" with capital letters? LOL! Probably just me thinking about it too much xD

And the inside was designed similar to the second album, where the booklet was stuck to the cover and the CD is on the opposite side. Very simple (: But yeah pretty neat too.

Personally I didn't like the pictures for this album all that much T__T I'M SORRY!!! But a lot of them were full weird, but yeah I'll put the poster up anyways haha, just because it's BEAST :P But yeah I wish they had the same clothes as the ones they performed in or something.


This was a thing that was in all the albums if you bought that at the time, like even if you bought an older album it would've come with it too. It's a thing promoting the first concert. Damn I wish it was real. LOL!

Here is the poster for the album, it's like vertical instead of horizontal like the other three were, now I need to figure out how to add it to my wall LOL! Well I have like the HOT CHILI PAPER poster and Mastermind poster as well as this one that needs to be put up, I need wall space dammit! ;____;

Anyways yeah, this album is pretty awesome, every track on it got me hooked the first time I listened to them which is rare. You should all buy it! 8D

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