Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sweet DooSeob

Okay as if we weren't getting enough DooSeob lately!! And OMG look at these that I just found from my fellow dooseoblove family :P

Okay seriously, Doojoon is sweaty, wearing a tanktop, doing his famous Doopose, and the finishing touch? Yoseob taking a picture of it all. It must be torture for Yoseob to not be able to jump on Doojoon there and then. But their attempts to hide DooSeob from us are fail, we totally know what's going on! xD

Okay does this need an explanation? Little Yoseobie is doing the Doopose!! I mean he doesn't do it as well as Kikwang does, as someone whose tried to do the Doopose, it's not as easy as it looks! LOL! And doesn't Yoseob's hands look huge here? Like always? LOL!! But seeing Yoseob doing the Doopose, or at least, trying to, is totally awesome.

All this sweet DooSeob lately, I love it all! <3

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