Sunday, January 16, 2011

20110116 YOSEOB’S POST – HELLO~~~~

Hello beauties
Music programs are not fun these days because BEAST is not on it, right!
Just wait a little bit! We’ll comeback with more cool and exciting song!!
Meanwhile, please love all the programs we will be appearing on!
Eum.. I’ll be going now bbyong!!!!!!
Ah the encore concert is not far away from now…. pit-a-pat pit-a-pat!!!! kekekeke
The picture is a confirmation shot and a present~~~ Byebye

Ut it looks awkward now that I actually uploded the picture… kekekekekekekekekekekekeke

Yes Yoseob the music programs are quite boring now that BEAST aren't on ;P LOL! I'm not even watching them weekly anymore. Okay well I'm gonna watch Music Core but that's because of Onew 8D

But don't worry about us, you boys rest and we can wait for your comeback!

Also that picture doesn't look awkward, you're as cute as always :3

And that computer looks like one of my old computers that I've now given to my brother xD But DELL is annoying.

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