Monday, January 17, 2011

After some fiery last minute voting, BEAST is still first place for the Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Awards

Who will be the winner of the Muse Trophy in the 2011 High1 Seoul Music Awards?

The 20th High1 Seoul Music Awards will be held on the 20th of January at the Kyunghee University Peace Centre. As of now, cellphone and ARS popularity voting is still going strong for the three main award categories, which are the Bonsang Award, Newcomer Award and Popularity Award respectively. Last year’s awards saw current girl groups getting the upper hand but current boy groups and rookie groups were not daunted by this. There was also close competition by solo singers with both strength and qualifications.

For the Bonsang Award category, since 14 January, Beast is in first place with 30.2 % of the votes, Super Junior comes in 2nd with 20.5 % of the votes while Girls Generation is in 3rd place with 10.9 % of the votes.

To vote in the 20th High1 Seoul Music Awards, send 3321+NATE/SHOW/OZ or **3321+SHOW via your handphone. For ARS dial 060-900-0999 to vote. Results can be viewed at the official Seoul Music Awards website which is

The awards ceremony will be held on the 20th of January from 7-10 pm KST. Besides that, this event is held in conjunction with Visit Korea 2010-2012′s Korea Grand Sale ( January 10 ~ February 28, 2011). Overseas fans are invited to attend.
CREDITS: NATE, beastchina (SOURCE); yangting1302@mybeastyboys (TRANS)

BOOYAH! That's what I'm talkin' about! Haha! Go K-B2UTY's! Go! BEAST is actually beating SM in the voting, this feels like a very big deal to me haha! The boys would be so happy if they won the award (: We would be very proud B2UTY!

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