Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hot Star Magazine Vol. 6

This was my first Hot Star Magazine issue. Again with the disappointments that Bromide gave me, I didn't expect much from this magazine, but since it cost more, ranging $15-$20AU I think? I did expect a little more than Bromide gave.

The cover was 2PM, I thought it was funny because they were full oily hahaha! xD

This was the first page, it's like cardboard kind of, maybe more like photo paper.

They had pages for different groups and one member of each, Doojoon was the one for BEAST! 8D

A page about B2ST Almighty, so this was obviously before it started airing I assume. Pretty simple, but nice haha! I loved those pictures.

The stickers that came with it, no many for us this time around, but that's okay.

I'm pretty sure this is the thing we use to send in our wishes to B2ST Almighty. What a cute envelope. And then there's the inside if you want it out and stuff. Write your wishes here. I thought it was pretty cool.

Overall I was happy with this magazine, it was my first one and it gave more than the Bromide magazine gave, and BEAST wasn't even the cover story. So I looked forward to buying more of the Hot Star Magazine.

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