Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beast deck of cards

Aish sorry for lack of updates again! ): I'm capped so I can only use internet during off-peak ><

I bought this ages ago, like in September when my friend Steph came up to Sydney for my birthday. It was when Morning Glory started getting lots of random KPop stock and I saw the deck of cards and needed it.

To be honest the price was a complete rip off but that didn't stop me LOL!

This is just your standard deck of cards, and with pictures of Beast that you probably already have saved on your computer and hence could just make yourself instead of spending like $18 or something on it.

I took a picture of the cards but didn't put much effort in it because it's just normal pictures, if there's one you see that you want a better look at or something just comment and I'll scan it for you ^^

 The first picture is of the back of the card so they all look like that.

I never use these cards and rarely take them out of the box. The material is like a slick cardboard so it's hard to use them properly because they tend to stick to each other more than you'd like =\ And they are pretty stiff but in a bad way?

Yeah I don't recommend anyone buy this, I already knew I'd regret it when I bought it LOL

The box had their autographs on the sides also, nothing really. LOL this must be the most useless Beast thing I've ever bought in all honesty xD Morning Glory sell their KPop crap for such expensive prices as well so I wouldn't recommend you go there for KPop.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Purchase 이럴 줄 알았어 "I Knew It" Digital Single

Beast's Digital Single "I Knew It" has hit the online music stores! It sounds so beautiful, their voices are so perfect, the song is so perfect, they are so perfect.

It's been so long since they released a track as a group that wasn't part of an OST oh gosh listening to this forever more ;A;

Please support Beast by buying the tracks instead of downloading, though I know most of you guys will be downloading free, but there's no harm in me saying it.

Here are some links to buy it from! I had some trouble with buying it from MNet just now so bought from Bugs this time around!

Welcome Back to BEAST AIRLINE Passport

First off, I'm sorry for not updating recently, with Chinese New Year as well as my brother capping out internet, I couldn't find time to post. Also this post is very late seeing as it's an item from the Encore concert last February LOL OTL I'm so sorry. I've had it for a long while but never got around to posting it.

Anyways the passport is made of a rough canvas-type of cardboard, you can probably tell what it's made of by looking at the picture. And printed on the front is the third mini-album logo thing in a nice gold.

This is the first page when you open it, it just has the terms and conditions, or rules, whatever.

Luckily it's in English as well, but I have to say that I haven't been getting mileage points recently =\
This is the next page where you should be filling it in with your personal details and stuff to make it look like a real passport? LOL!

It has Beast's debut date as the date of issue xD Would've made more sense to have the Encore concert date though but whatever.

I would never put a picture of myself on this though, unless it was important for its use, and for me, I don't think I can really actually use it? :S

And this is what the passport is for. When you buy Beast merchandise, official ones, they come with mileage point stickers (which I guess is their version of frequent flyer points LOL) that you can stick into the passport.

I lost a few of mine and there are still some that I haven't stuck in, also all the recent things like the Making Of Book and stuff haven't been coming with the points so I don't know is it's still happening anymore :S

And also the first page says you get 1,000 points for every album purchased and Fiction & Fact never came with any points? :S So I don't know, and also that thing about 10% off goods or something as well =\ Guess it would only work in Korea, not online shopping ;~~~;

The rest of the pages in the passport are just the same as above and you use it to collect the mileage points, and then 6 pages have pictures of the members.

Yeah most of the passport is just pages for the stickers, and then the last page for the stickers has this baggage identification tag thing drawn on it and a barcode.

I'm not sure whether that barcode actually words, and I don't know whether every passport has a different number. I never checked with Lian LOL

So someone who has it, wanna tell me if yours is the same as mine?

The last page in the passport has space for you to fill in your contact details in case you lose it I guess.

Cube's address is also on the passport for those who don't know Cube's address already.

I'm planning on bringing this passport with me to Korea in less than two weeks. Maybe I can get some points by buying an album in stores or something, if I can then I would buy an extra album anyways LOL but yeah there's no harm in me carrying this passport around, just hope I don't lose it =X and don't get it mixed up at the airport LOL that'd be funny xD

And again if you want any of the pages scanned please leave a comment with which pages you'd like and I'll see what I can do :3

Saturday, January 21, 2012

비스트 새해인사 (Happy New Year! from BEAST)

CREDITS: beastofficial@youtube

A Happy Chinese New Year message from Beast! Don't they look perfect? Oh gosh I really wanna know why they are wearing those outfits though, was it a photoshoot? Or filming something? Second album teaser? Beautiful Show related? OMG so curious ahhh!!!

LOL Dongwoon spitting on Yoseob though ahahah KiSeob are the cute little duo in their own little world in this video ahaha xD

Doojoon of course not forgetting to mention his boyfriend at the end but Yoseob said nothing anyways rOfl

Is it bad that I think of Sunggyu a little when I look at Doojoon's clothes LOL T_____T

Beast poses with Rose light stick

So last night I couldn't sleep and I saw that there was updates for the light stick! Doesn't it look wonderful!? I mean I know our colour is dark grey but light grey for a light stick works just fine xD It's so beautiful, and the boys make it look even better and I can't wait until I receive mine in the mail!! ='D

Here's just a quick picture spam of the boys posing with the light stick before I leave for work because I wanted to share the pictures ^^


Hopefully I can find more places for people to order the light sticks from since the place I got it from was only open for a day and had limited stock and seems not many people saw the post I made on time before it closed ):

Friday, January 20, 2012

Beast passport holder

Here's the Beast passport holder than I got from Media Asia Parramatta yesterday!

There are two kinds, the one I got and one where there's a pocket for coins and up the top has flaps, pretty much like a giant wallet I guess? I saw them both at the Sydney store the other week but took great effort in holding myself back from buying it then because I already spent so much money on things to take to Korea just the day before. I'm trying to save up and not spend money so I can spend more on my trip LOL ><

I liked this one better, it was thin and simple, it comes with a notepad for me to jot down things quickly, as well as three pockets for ID and stuff that I should probably take overseas.

As you can see, my passport fits inside the holder very nicely, the other side also has a pocket and there's also the one behind the notepad that you can see, with the white line.

The holder has an elastic thing at the back that goes over the entire thing to keep it closed so nothing can fall out.

I can't remember what the larger one used to keep it closed though, sorry x____x

I just like the simple idea of using the elastic to keep it closed, and efficient that it's attached to the back cover.

Oh and also, you can probably already tell that the holder is made of a leather material (obviously not real) and it also comes in many other groups/colours. They are at affordable prices of about $14, or the thicker one for $15.

When I first saw this, I thought it was quite useful to take with me to Korea, it held all my essentials and didn't take up too much space in my bag, a huge plus for overseas travel. And since Korea uses notes, I can put money in the other pocket as well and tadah! Used as both a passport holder to protect my passport as well as a wallet!

The only downside to it however, which I found out after getting home, is that the thin one is quite thin. As you can see, the passport fits snugly inside it. I don't know about other countries, but in Australia, when you get a passport, it comes with a wallet thing that holds the passport, and that wallet is a very tight squeeze so you can't actually fit the passport into the holder with that wallet. But with the thicker one, I think would be no problem. But I guess if you had the holder then you wouldn't need the wallet, but the wallet has the Australian coat of arms on it and all but yeah, whatever, no big deal.

Overall this is useful for my travel, multipurpose and conventional, taking little to no space and weights nothing! But I guess you should get the thick one if you need to hold coins and more things, which still doesn't weight much either. But I'm happy with the buy and will be taking it with me to Korea next month ^^

Media Asia Parramatta currently selling 10% off the passport holders until Chinese New Year so come on in! Read about the grand opening here: [link]

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pre-order Beast Rose light stick (limited)

Hi guys, just a quick update, I know that some people have been wanting to buy this light stick. I have only found one place to order it and you will need PayPal and trust the seller (it's an eBay seller).

To order the light stick: [link]

As you can see the stock is very limited, and the item is ending in a few hours, so please get in when you can! It's a little pricey I guess, but this is around the same price for other light sticks like this one. The shipping is also a little pricey, but to me, I personally don't mind that shipping is expensive, it just means that it will be heavier, meaning lots of bubble wrap, packaging peanuts and/or big box, guaranteeing that the item will arrive to you safely and not broken.

This is the best I could do for now, I'm sorry ): But if I see more links to order the light stick, I will make another post ^^

Media Asia Parramatta Grand Opening

Congratulations Gary for opening your own store! Media Asia expands yay! And thanks for letting me take pictures of the place for the blog! ^^

Today the store opened at 10am but I got there at about 11am. Wish Jeanny could've gone with me but she's in Vietnam right now!

Just like the one in Sydney you can't walk passed the store without seeing a bunch of KPop posters up for display!

The store in Parramatta is a lot smaller than the one at the cities, and since Parramatta is easier for many people to get to than cities, expect stock to run out fast! Since it's opening, the place still hasn't finished setting up, with some empty shelves towards the back of the store.

 The Beast Concert DVD is still in stock and ready to go, the concert poster is stuck up on the door to welcome you to the store!

The DVD costs $55 without poster (and I think $65 with poster?) but for the next 4 days (until Chinese New Year), it will be 10% off so hello $49.50 for the DVD! Cheaper than buying it online and no need to wait for it to ship to you, go home and watch it right away!

There are already clips up on YouTube and there are also clips of the boys in exclusive interviews as well as the concert in your own hands! Everyone should grab a copy! ^^

Upon entering, the counter is on the left and on the right is a table full of unofficial 2012 desk calendars of not only Beast but also SHINee, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, Big Bang and more!

If the Season's Greeting's desk calendars are not in your price range, or if you just want another desk calendar for the sake of it, why not grab these at cheap and affordable prices? ^^

I can't remember how much but they are less than $20 even without the current promotional sales!

Today the current items on display for all to see when you enter the store are Season's Greetings packs for MBLAQ, Beast, CN Blue and 4minute!

Remember that they are currently on sale for 20% off so that's slash that $55, get your hands on these great packs for the new year for only $44!

No rush, from the looks of it, there are many in stock right now but the sales will be ending soon so hurry up if you want them!

Other Season's Greetings packs in stores include Infinite, KARA, Jay Park and more! They have all the Season's Greetings packs as far as I know! ^^

First part of the shelf of the KPop side of the store.

There doesn't seems to be any alphabetical order from what I see? If there's an order for these things then I don't know, but I guess it's popular ones at the start?

Girls' Generation, Super Junior, Beast and SS501 kicking off the KPop section!

The shelves don't only have the albums but also the official diaries, photobooks and Beast's official version 2 clear files at there too!

And here's a close up of the Beast part of the shelves.

Are you missing any albums from their discography? Media Asia has most of them (missing Japanese mini albums and singles) so come on in to buy them!

To the left of the store is all the merchandise, it's looking pretty empty right now but I'm sure they're still setting up and many boxes are still arriving in stores so make sure to check often!

These merchandise include bags, wallets, pencil cases, rubber wristbands, badges, pins, umbrellas, tape, snap-on bracelets, landyards and iPhone cases.

These are just the things you've already seen at the Sydney store, nothing new, the stock is the same ^^

Here are some pictures, it should be clear what the items are from the short list just then but if you have questions then feel free to leave a comment and I'll answer you ^^

I couldn't take a picture of the bags because they're high up, but they come in back packs as well as messenger/shoulder bags ^^

That's it for the post! I hope you guys will go check out the new store if you get the chance! It's really great and the staff are friendly! But the airconditioning for the building is currently not working so it's very hot in there, the staff are trying to fix it by getting their own aircon though, but that will cost money!

If you don't want to buy online, just shop at Media Asia for merchandise and albums. Come on in and take advantage of the 4 day sale!