Thursday, January 5, 2012

#HappySeobDay 2012

Today is our little king of aegyo's birthday!! It's hard to believe that he's turning 22 (23 in Korean years) LOL he looks like a little kid as always <3

I personally spazzed like crazy last night for some reason, I feel sorry for those following me on my personal Twitter xD

And did everyone get hyped up over the cafe pictures? I kept refreshing the cafe waiting for them to appear, then when the banner changed I flipped tables and then looked at them #)%(GUQ#)%(GU#)%( Yoseob is so perfect ahahah

Perfect perfect bias <3

For those that haven't see the cafe pictures, here you go~

Two last one is the one I decided (after much frustrating thinking) to be my new phone lock screen and the first one is my normal phone wallpaper ahaha Yoseob taking over my phone again, feels good, feels right :P

Also here's some gifs I made for Yoseob's birthday (click them to go to tumblr post to reblog)

There's still two more posts I wanna make but I didn't get the chance because I had errands to run and doctor's appointment today. But I'll get around to them later tonight ^^

Oh and also late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys, sorry I left this blog to die again OTL

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