Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pre-order Beast Rose light stick (limited)

Hi guys, just a quick update, I know that some people have been wanting to buy this light stick. I have only found one place to order it and you will need PayPal and trust the seller (it's an eBay seller).

To order the light stick: [link]

As you can see the stock is very limited, and the item is ending in a few hours, so please get in when you can! It's a little pricey I guess, but this is around the same price for other light sticks like this one. The shipping is also a little pricey, but to me, I personally don't mind that shipping is expensive, it just means that it will be heavier, meaning lots of bubble wrap, packaging peanuts and/or big box, guaranteeing that the item will arrive to you safely and not broken.

This is the best I could do for now, I'm sorry ): But if I see more links to order the light stick, I will make another post ^^


  1. I WISH I SAW THIS EARLIER! Darn! 4 are left and it's already over... I hope they do a re-stock! It's so pricey but it's so beautiful ;w; If CUBE tells us they'll have it at the concert I WILL buy it! Do you kNow if that's the case? Most concerts do that, but I've never been to a kpop concert

    1. Oh darn I'm sorry! I will keep looking for links to order the light stick though ><

      I'm sure CUBE will be selling it at the concert. KPop concerts have stalls on the day at the venue with all the official concert merchandise, that's why in concerts, everyone has the same light stick and it looks really pretty.

      I think the person who was taking the orders is someone who will be going to the concert and is nice enough to be buying it for people who ordered on time, this is only a speculation though and I could be wrong?

      But don't worry, usually there are people who go to the concert and buy like three of the items and sell two so you can try find them online ^^ But they go out fast (obviously :P)

  2. copiaron la corona de bigbang!!!


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