Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Using Beast tape the right way


So I finally got around to getting my Beast Season's Greetings 2012 pack today at Media Asia. For those in Sydney, all Season's Greetings packs (of all groups, also 2012 calendars and diaries) are 20% at Media Asia right now if you wanna snag them for a very low price!

I will make a proper blog about the pack later, but let's say that I love this pack a lot more than the 2011 one!

At first when I found out it came with sticky tape, I was just like, wth that's random what would you use that for. But oh my gosh I've had the most fun with that tape you don't even know. I wish they sold this tape separately because I would seriously buy them LOL

So far I've stuck strips of the tape on my desk, laptop, lamp, computer, bookshelf and door, and made a collar for my dog King! LOL!

I wonder what kind of things other people are doing with their tape? xD

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