There is currently no giveaway right now. Stay tuned to the blog to be the first to hear of the next giveaway (plan).

Congratulations to the previous giveaway's winners!

First Prize: Hard to Love, How to Love; Danielle C.
Second Prize: Midnight Sun; Runa A.


  1. Woww you must loveeeeeeee b2st!! :D I also just realized the website's URL xD

  2. miss, i also love b2st.. can u tell me, wer did u buy b2st merchandise..?? pleasw..! i also want to have some..! can we be frnds in facebook..! i will type my email add.! just send me some message so that i can identify that its truly you..! please,please,please,,,...!!! this is my account..! ,,.,, please add me..! i just need 2 know wer did u buy it.! i'm crazy inlove with b2st.,! i'm one of their no. fan ,, pls help me,,! pls reply my message/comment ,,

  3. Please right the FAQ page sweetie, I answer that question there in great detail.

    Also, sorry, but my Facebook is only for people I know personally. I hope you're okay with Twitter?


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