Monday, February 21, 2011

DooSeob has finally gone public.

So with the concert over, lots of fancams and pictures are finally being posted. I mean during the time period, I heard that there was DooSeob, but now to finally see it... AHH~~

So we had some at the press conference that took place before the concert started.

We have our usual Bad Girl DooSeob on the first night.

Yoseob was singing and staring at Doojoon's ass all "should I smack that? Should I? Hmm. Yeah I totally should." *smack*

And Doojoon does nothing and continues normally, because it's so perfectly normal. LOL!

But not only that, there was also the Bad Girl moment from the second day of the encore concert! That I posted in the previous post.

Then there was the BTS of I Like You The Best MV and stuff like that, where Doojoon was nearing into Yoseob, holding hands, the intense stares at each other... GAH!

Except in that gif, it looks like Yoseob pulled Doojoon towards him, but who cares. DOOSEOB WOOO!!

Oh and we had DooSeob during the encore of the first day~

But more importantly, DOOSEOB WENT PUBLIC!!! Yeah that's right. Doojoon totally said "saranghaeyo" to Yoseob!

This is the greatest thing ever. And there's plenty more fancams to come. Ahh~~

I still have to start fixing the other Encore Concert posts. I need to edit this one too a little when I get the chance. Sigh.

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