Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Poll winner

Okay so after a few months of blogging, a few fails with the polls, we finally finished the poll.

Thanks to all who voted and took part in the poll, the results were fairly close, which is why I added the new "winner has to lead by at least 3 votes" rule last week. I hope the giveaway is too your liking and that many will participate.

The winner of the poll was ALBUM

So that means that the first giveaway of the site is going to be one of the four Japanese editions of the debut Shock album (: I have yet to decide which one, I will probably just take a random one I feel like when I buy it. I'm not pre-ordering this time around because I need money to buy textbooks for University -dies-

But I will be buying all four editions for myself, which is about $155 without shipping, then I will just add another one to the list when I order.

Right now the details of the giveaway isn't clearly decided yet, I will decide once I at least order the album first. But the definite details are:
  • Poster NOT included. But if the poster is folded and inside the album, then it WILL be included -- this is because I won't open the album from the clear wrap at all for the giveaway. However if the poster is rolled in a tube and separate from the album, it will NOT be included.
  • It will be a random winner (since it's only the first giveaway)
  • Everyone that follows this blog will automatically be entered. That means if your icon/name appears on the right column over there, you're automatically in.
  • There will be more than one chance to enter. So you can have your name in the draw more than once, but details later.
  • It will be international -- no, you don't pay for shipping.
Those are the only details so please look forward to the first giveaway! But it won't be until April, seeing as the albums release at the end of March, and I will wait until I receive the albums physically (and take pictures) before starting the giveaway.

Also, on another note. Earlier in the week, I received a comment asking whether other groups had their own Seasons Greeting pack and I answered that as far I know, others didn't, but they had their own calendars, planners, etc, separately and stuff. But can I correct myself, FT Island have their own Seasons Greeting pack with the same things as the BEAST one. Their one is the only other one I've seen. Just check out

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