Friday, February 11, 2011

Yoseob was 'ere

LOL okay, when I saw this picture earlier today. I made note to PhotoShop in Yoseob's face. rOfl~

At first I wanted to PhotoShop his face to the girl and have some creepy bitch like you see on tumblr. but then I thought it'd be a more fun idea to make it look like Yoseob messed around with the image. Like stapling a picture of himself on. And pins. And stitching a giant heart. Then scribbling "Doojoon is MINE!" on the page with a pink pen and drawing hearts. LOL!

Also, Mama Cristine also made her own version! :P

CREDITS: @Cristine1001

While we're on the Clride picture.
[INFO] Beast has recorded a CF for Clride together with Kim Ji Won. The theme of the CF is said to be recorded at unique dance studio set by introducing BEAST as the best dance group. It shows the concept of a fit attitude. Beast will be representing Clride for its high quality denim products.
CREDITS: mybeastboys

AWESOME!! YESSSSS!!!! CF!!!! WOOOO!! LOL okay I'm done xD

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