Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BEAST so high xD

Okay seeing as there's no updates other than the Japanese Shock teaser, which I don't really have much to comment on (seeing as it's not much of a teaser LOL). I'm gonna post the crazy tweets from the boys yesterday, they provided my great entertainment xD

@beastdw Doing my hair before the concert. It's pretty, right?

@helloimys @beastdw Ah you are so pretty~~~~~~

@beastdw @helloimys Hyung why are you dying your hair in rainbow.. ㅜㅜ

@helloimys @beastdw Dongwoon-ah why did you shave the middle of your headㅜㅜ

@beastdw @helloimys Ha Junhyung-e hyung shaved again. It will be a normal person if we combine my middle-shaved head with hisㅠㅠㅠ

@helloimys @beastdw But why did Kikwang shave all of his hair???

@beastdw @helloimys Hyunseung hyung is Korea flag style..

@helloimys @beastdw I'm amazed at how you shaved the back of your head and put in the letters

@beastdw @helloimys Did you write I'm Yang Yoseob on the side of your head? Uh Joonkun hyung sat down to do his hair too

@helloimys @beastdw Can you try to stop Hyunseung. His keep braiding his hair sideways. But still it looks cute because it's divided in red and blue

@helloimys @beastdw Joonkun-e hyung *shaking* his going to bleach his hair

@Joker891219 You tricksters RT @helloimys: @beastdw Joonkun-e hyung *shaking* his going to bleach his hair

@beastdw @helloimys Kikwang-e hyung shaved his head and attached a piece, like this

@joonkuni @helloimys kekeke Are you guys selling me again ke

@helloimys @beastdw This is how Doojoon's hair is going to look like. It will suit him well

@B2stGK Ah this fool. I was saving it to show at the concert. Why did you have to tell!! But the Dw you engraved at the back of your head looks good~

@Joker891219 Dongwoon-ah if you keep lying your going to become like this

@helloimys Ah I was rolling on the ground while clutching on to my belly button but then it fell off and disappeared kekeke

@B2stGK Someone try and stop Sehun hyung. He said he can't lose and suddenly said his going to do this hair!!!!!

@beastdw @helloimys Hyung your belly button is stuck on top of Junhyung-e hyung's middle hair kekeke

@helloimys @beastdw That one's not mineㅜㅜ Where did it go?

@beastdw @helloimys I found it. It's the hair at nine o'clock position!!

@helloimys @beastdw The hair looks like some kind of cracker..

@beastdw @helloimys kekeke Let's stop here now hyung. I hope Doojoon hyung can create another chaos when he sees this later..

CREDITS: @b2stlytweets (TRANS)

LOL I know the way I posted it is hard on the eyes, but sorry I don't know how else? I'll fix later if I figure something out. But LOL these boys were crazy yesterday. It was just maknae line, then Junhyung and Kikwang joined in. Oh good lord. They even dragged in our Joonkun haha! But it made Jiyong smile after a long time, that's good (:

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