Tuesday, February 8, 2011

BEAST YoSeob (양요섭) - 그 사람을 아껴요 - Cherish That Person (My Princess OST Part 2)

Taken from mybeastboys9@YT

I've been waiting for this for ages now since I heard it in the drama. I was one of those retards that kept replaying the scene where you hear it, listening to the background music, instead of the people talking in the scene. LOL!

It came out yesterday and I didn't feel like posting about it. But since BEAST updates are so slow right now, if i don't post about it now, I won't have anything to post about for a while xD

The song is so nice. It's not upbeat and cheery like Crazy, Ready Go, Happy Birthday, Loving U or Because Of You was. Well Crazy isn't "cheery" but it's upbeat. LOL! But Cherish That Person, instead it's like, nice and slow. I listened to it last night when I slept, hello new sleeping song (:

I'm happy that they got Yoseob to sing in the OST, it means they recognise his talents 8D Yay Yoseob! If you haven't listened to it already, check it out in the video above. It's really great (:

On another note, 4minute's Jiyoon also has a song in the OST, YAY CUBE! 8D

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