Monday, February 7, 2011

Blogger Stats interesting fact(s) xD

LOL okay so I was just checking my Blog Stats just now. Like the posts that have been read in the past week, which country are my viewers from in the past week, etc, etc. I like to do this so I just have an idea of who my audience is and what not. And the posts that are being viewed, like the ones that are months old, it means people take interest in those types of posts right? So I would do them more often and stuff.

Like recently people have been reading my old post Lian's 18th BEAST Shower, it makes me think that people like to see the different variety of BEAST things in one post? From shirts to posters to albums, etc? Or maybe they wanted to know what I got my B2UTYMATE for her birthday? I don't know haha!

The stats also show the links that people are coming from, like they might be clicking the blog icon from one of our affiliates and stuff. Also it shows the images from Google that people are clicking to land on the blog. Most of them are pictures of the albums and stuff, don't know why, but yeah.

I also keep a look out for the Search Keywords section. That part tells you the different things people have typed into the Google search engine to stumble across your blog. In this case it was how people found The Beast Locker. I like to look at this so I know how people are landing on my blog, what kind of things they search to find my blog, so I understand what my blog is kinda "known" for I guess? And these results, or rather, one of the results, highly amused me. LOL!

So "dooseob" was on the list, yeah fair enough, that's come up before. Haha! But this time, "dooseob kissing" came up and I was very honoured! LOL! Someone is searching for some DooSeob kissing pictures I assume, and my blog comes up.

Sorry to disappoint whoever looked that up to land on my blog to see there isn't actually a picture of it. They don't kiss publicly, their relationship is meant to be a secret *shot*

But I hope this will make up for it LOL! Close enough? xD

HAHAH! <3 Yes that's all I wanted to say, sorry to make you read the pointless stuff at the start. BUT BEAST UPDATES ARE SLOWING DOWN AND I'M NOT POSTING FREQUENTLY DX

On another note, keep voting on the poll for the giveaway! The option needs to lead by 3 VOTES to win it! 8D

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