Saturday, February 26, 2011

#shockinjapan SHOCK MV

There's just so many things to fangirl about, so I'm gonna put them in point form LOL!

  • At the start, when I saw Yoseob in front of the fan instead of being molested by wires like in the Korean, a part of me died inside LOLOL! But that was soon fixed haha!
  • Derp they used blonde Yoseob from the Korean MV for a second when the wire jacked in xD
  • Junhyung's rap was still in Korean (NOT A BAD THING. I'M NOT COMPLAINING. YOU SHOULD STOP TOO IF YOU ARE.) It threw me off a little bit, I though it was the Japanese MV with Korean audio.
  • But that was soon fixed with Doojoon's part. OMFG how hot is Doojoon this MV?
  • Hyunseung sounds amazing singing in Japanese.
  • LOL I'm still amused by Yoseob's mispronunciation in the chorus. I don't know why though. But I love it xD
  • How freaking hot is our maknae? Like sheesh! LOL!
  • And OMG Doojoon is so hot.
  • Kikwang's second part sounds great in Japanese - then again it sounded great in Korean too. I don't know what it is I love about that part.
  • I love that there's so many different Yoseob shots. He must've done a lot of filming haha! Just like in the Korean one :P
  • And omg, that part of Junhyung and Dongwoon after the second chorus. I love it. I love it so fucking much. It sounds so good in Japanese. When I first heard it I literally went "wow..." aloud. Like I liked it in the Korean one but when I heard the Japanese... Wow...
  • I was kind of hoping Hyunseung's note would be the new high note that he does in live performances but oh well.
  • LOL they used Hyunseung's eye thing again.
  • I kinda liked the Korean clip for Doojoon's "so crazy" bit in the last chorus more than the Japanese.

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