Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BEAST, “takes off towards the new year, jumping up and down like a rabbit”

Group BEAST’s jumps into 2011.

Having risen to the heart of the nation after “Bad Girl”, “Shock”, and “Soom”, these boys have recently traveled around Asia, performing in showcases. They have laid the foundation to grow to be Asia’s representative group. In November, 20,000 fans watched as BEAST opened the showcase that publicized their debut in Japan. They are to make their full Japanese debut in March.

BEAST members, who say they will make this coming year theirs, are overflowing with confidence. To the point that they cannot control their facial expressions, they explode with laughter and their every action is filled with energy. BEAST members, who are knocking on the hearts of Asia, send a special New Year message to the readers of Sports Korea.

Let’s make a warm, rich, and hopeful new year with the BEAST members.

# Lee Kikwang

=This year was bright. I hope that everyone can have a year in which they can spring into the year, hopping one step at a time, like a rabbit, and I hope that everyone receives a lot of luck this year. During New Year’s, I can spend time with my family, and I think I will be filming for . Although it is a small role, I thank you for giving and sending me so much love. I will show you a better image. Although the New Year holidays are cold, I hope that you will have heartwarming times.

# Yoon Doojoon

=For us, the new years and the holiday is a precious and thankful time in which we spend time with our family. I am happy, because I think I can spend this short time with my family this year. I hope that you will all spend a peaceful and fun time with your family. In this new year, BEAST will come find everyone again with a more handsome image. I ask for lots of support.

# Yang Yoseob

=The encore concert in February awaits us, I believe that we will be practicing for the concert during the holiday. As much as the number of fans and family that will come, I want to show the best of stages without any embarrassment. Receive lots of luck this year, and eat many delicious things. Be careful not to get any stomach aches!

# Son Dongwoon

=I hope that this New Year, one can feel happy as they spend their time sharing stories with their family that they were unable to share before. I especially hope that the girls will stop dieting during the holiday and spend a peaceful and delightful holiday. Please enjoyably watch over BEAST in the New Year special programs!

# Jang Hyunseung

=Although it is the New Year, I want to spend time with my family and spend enough time practicing for our encore concert this holiday. I will practice, gaining strength as I think of our fans who are anticipating it. Don’t forget to receive lots of luck this year. BEAST’s Hyunseung will wish for you to have a year in which you will always be happy and smile fully.

# Yong Junhyung

=I want to spend my time sitting around with my family for the first in a long time. I am feeling more and more that one of the happiest things in the world is to be able to enjoy the simplest pleasures. I hope that everyone spends this holiday staying at the side of your precious family. I will work diligently to make this coming year BEAST’s year. Please watch over us! Receive lots of luck this year! /Sports Korea
CREDITS: Sports Hankooki (SOURCE); musiclovex3@B2ST RISING (TRANS)

Okay I think the things they say are awfully sweet and all. But. Yang Yoseob and Jang Hyunseung! You two! It's Lunar New Year! Spend as much time with your family as you can! Because you get so little time with them as it is! Take this chance to spend a good holiday with them! Don't worry about the concert so much dammit ><

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