Q. What is the address of Yoseob's restaurant?
A. Sorry, I don't remember the address. But you get off at Seokgye station and it is literally smack bang right there in your face. And I quote my friend, if you miss it, you probably weren't worthy enough of being inside LMAO and you can see the Yoseob stuff from outside the restaurant too. Really, you can't miss it.

Q. What is the address of Infinite's dorm?
A. Sorry, my friend and I agreed not to share the dorm's whereabouts to respect their privacy as well as their managers'. But I can tell you that they live in Manwondong. You can find places that they've been during You Are My Oppa, Sesame Player and Birth Of A Family and kinda figure out in which general direction their dorm is though.

Q. Do you work for Media Asia?/Are you Media Asia?/Media Asia staff related questions
No, I am not a staff member at Media Asia. I am only a loyal customer. I am merely a blogger who blogs about Beast and sometimes general KPop, this may relate to Media Asia posts about things they have in stores related to Beast, or openings of new branches for other people in Sydney to get their KPop/Beast needs. Please do not ask me questions about when things would be in stores, etc. (especially unrelated to Beast) because honestly, I would not know. To contact Media Asia, please visit their Facebook page.

Q. Some of your older entries have broken (image) links?
I do apologise, the links can be outdated after a long time. And for some reason, the images that I upload via Blogger get broken overtime too. Please send me an email with the post you are referring to (or just leave a comment on the post so that it comes to my attention) and I'll try to find an equivalent link (if possible) and/or reupload the image (if I can find it on my computer) again.

Q. How come you don't reply to my questions in the blog?
A. I usually answer questions, if I haven't replied, it's probably because you asked me something like "where did you buy it?" Or something, that's because you should be on this FAQ page to get the answer LOL!
Sometimes I also get asked something specific and I would prefer to reply privately so it'd be nice if you had some kind of link to your account where I could contact you. But most of the time people use Anonymous or Open ID and leave nothing which makes it difficult. Email/tumblr/Twitter are also fine, I don't do Facebook.
If you really do want an answer and haven't gotten one from me after a while, even though I don't post often, doesn't mean I won't answer. There is a contact page after all so you can contact me by some other means easy for you ^^

Q. I contacted you via one of the methods on your contact page but still haven't gotten a reply?
A. If you contacted me through email - please check again to see you sent it to the right one and stuff. I usually reply right away unless I'm asleep or in class. Check junk folders too? xD
If you contacted me on Twitter - you might get a reply from @superlenq, which is me. If you don't get a reply, umm, I don't know, I will probably reply to Tweets, even if I'm in class. I reply to Tweets as if they were text messages tbqh LOL
If you contacted me through tumblr - please check the answered page to see if I've replied. It'd be nice if you also told me you came from this blog so I could also add a The Beast Locker tag so you can check easier. But it'd be incredibly helpful if you weren't on Anon so I could just use the Answer Privately option and you won't need to forge through the other replies I give. If you've done everything right and don't get a reply, it's probably because tumblr ate your Ask before it got to me or ate my reply before it got to you. In that case, try another method.

Q. Where do you get all these things?
A. Okay well you're gonna have to be more specific. Look at answers below for help (:

Q. Where do you get the albums/posters?
A. Well I used to pre-order them from Korean sites that count towards the Hanteo Charts. Japanese albums are easier because YesAsia counts towards the Oricon Charts.
But these days I just grab it from a store in Chinatown, Sydney, called Media Asia (there's also a store in Parramatta). It's just more convenient for me to just stop by during my breaks in uni or stop by before/after uni, etc. They usually get their things shipped pretty quick so you shouldn't have a problem. The website has free shipping to anywhere in Australia, physical stores only in Sydney and Melbourne.

Q. Where do you get official merchandise?
A. Well it's hard to say, I hunt online through Korean sites looking. But if you wait a little while, I say a week or two after it's out, there will be English sites, stores and blogs, that sell those things.
Media Asia also has a lot of merchandise these days, and they have official things too, and concert merchandise.

Q. Where do you get the magazines?
A. I get most of the magazines off eBayYesAsia and DVD Heaven. It's rare that I get magazines off Korean/Japanese websites (eg. Marie Claire Magazine, HOT CHILI PAPER Magazine, HIGH CUT Newspaper, CeCi Magazine, SINGLES Magazine) because they're always sold out whenever I get the chance to buy them from there.
Also check your local Kinokuniya Bookstore, they have lots of Korean/Japanese magazines there too (: If they don't have it, you are free to ask the assistant to order it in for you, or you can order it yourself from the Kinokuniya website

Q. Where do you get the clothing and accessories?
A. Well there's no specific place, I get them from online stores. They're mostly fanmade, and the sites are in English. Browse around spreadshirt.com, there's many KPop stores there that would sell BEAST stuff. Try googling too? :S

Q. Where do you get BEAST updates from?
A. Lots of places. LOL! Check the affiliates, they post stuff. I also go on B2ST Rising. There's lots of ways to stay up to date with BEAST. There's also Korean searches like Daum, Naver, etc. The easiest way for them is to download the app to your phone and browse on the go LOL.
And there's all the lovely fansites that BEAST has, sadly most of them need you to be a Korean resident to be a member.
I always credit where I get the videos and articles from when I blog about them, they are usually hyperlinked, so just click them if you want xD And the pictures usually have watermarks too.

Q. How much money do you spend on BEAST?
A. Err... LOLOL!!! I'm not gonna answer that... Hahaha! Because see I buy things like albums, clothes, magazines, and whatnot. But I also donate to the Birthday Projects, Anniversary Projects, etc, that B2ST Rising holds. At the same time I also buy them birthday presents myself and mail it to them. LOL!
I spend more money on BEAST than I do on my best friends, we'll just say that xD

Q. How do you send things to BEAST?
A. You can mail it to CUBE yourself with a label saying "BEAST" or something.
I don't think Alex from AA-CHAN has his a #FANDOMDELIVERY service anymore, but I've been told that if you send him an email requesting, he may still deliver for you? Not too sure.

Q. Why do you take pictures of the magazines instead of scanning the pages?
A. Well because to get nice scans, the magazine would have to be completely flat. That means I'd have to bend the pages a lot so that there isn't that strip of black or shadows from the spine of the magazine - and quite frankly, I don't like doing that to my magazines.
So sorry if you were looking for scans, I no longer take pictures with my camera because I lost it (derp) so I just make-do with my phone 10.1mp camera. Sorry, I know the quality isn't the best, but I try.

Q. The pictures aren't good enough quality?
A. That's okay, just leave a comment on the entry I posted about the item with what page(s) you would like and your email and I'll gladly try my best to re-take a better one for you. But if you wait a while, then someone else would most likely scan the magazines for you.

Q. How do I affiliate with The Beast Locker?
A. Follow the instructions on the affiliates page and I'll be glad to affiliate with you. You do not need to be a BEAST site, nor do you need to be a KPop site at all.

Q. My question wasn't answered?
A. Leave a comment below with your question and I'll get back to you. Or feel free to contact me by other means, I don't mind answering questions (: If it's a specific question from a blog entry, just leave a comment on the entry and I'll get back to you ^^

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