Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Official Midnight Sun L-holder set

So I'm not sure how many of you guys know that CUBE released a lot of official goods during the Midnight Sun period, including holder sets, ear plugs, photo clips, and everything! I'll be posting about all the ones I have! But the others won't come for a long while ><

So for the Midnight Sun sets, it's gonna have its own tag in case people want to see them all in one section. And I'll be naming them the way they are named on the products. So these are just regular A4-sized clearfiles that you have seen many times before. They had one for Welcome Back To Beast Airline concert merchandise (that I didn't end up blogging about OTL). I think the 'L' in the name stands for large? There's a set of six, one for each member. I actually use the KPop clearfiles a lot at uni, but I haven't gotten around to using these ones yet because I need to finish using the Infinite Second Invasion Evolution ones first ><

The pictures on the clearfiles at like the rest of the Midnight Sun goods, just the boys being sexy in a pool of water. Yum. Yes.

A big thank you to Jeanny for getting me this (along with heaps of other stuff) for my birthday last year!!

So I think that's it for this post~ I'll just attach pictures at the end of this for you guys to take a looksie~

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Midnight Sun album (Gold version)

First off, I'm sorry for not blogging last night! I was sick in bed after I got home ): My boyfriend was sick and it was windy the whole day while we went cherry blossom viewing. So yeah, I didn't feel too good and had to do paperwork before bed.

But this post is gonna be short! It's the gold version of Beast's Midnight Sun! This album is only sold at the CUBE cafe as far as I know? Of course, you can get it online like anything else, a little pricier though. However, I wouldn't know how much it costs because I got it as a birthday present last year from my friends (:

As you can see from the picture up the top, my album has gotten damaged since I got it.

Basically, if you look at my shrine then you can see that I have the album standing up. Over time, the mask fell and I didn't notice it to put it back up. So the glue was stuck to the album where it shouldn't be.

While trying to pull it off, it pulled a layer of the album and a puffy looking thing appears. Just before I took the picture, it happened again so yeah the one at the bottom there is the new one OTL

I recommend that you have it lying flat if you buy this or the original one. The mask will slip ><

The album is pretty much the same as the original Midnight Sun album except it's all gold. The photocards and the jacket shoot photos are the same, the disc is also the same.

But for some reason, the jewellery that dangles from the mask looks a lot better in gold. I really love how everything looks in this album really. Which is odd because I don't really prefer gold jewellery when it comes to something that I wear.

I tried to take a nice picture of the mask but it reflected too much and you could see my phone in the background. I didn't want to go further and zoom in a lot like what I did with the Hard to Love, How to Love album because the picture looks bad that you might as well now have it S:

TADAH!!!! This was the photocard that I got with the album TEEHEE!!! My collection of Beast Midnight Sun photocards completed!! How perfect is Yoseob in this photocard ARRGGGHHHH he is just so god damn perfect! And I loved that it was Yoseob that I got for my birthday!!

A huge big thank you to my lovely friends, Sandra, Sarah, Wendy and Grace, for getting me this album, it made me really happy opening it!! (: I love you girls! And we really need to catch up soon while we are completely stressed over uni xD

So this is the first post out of my birthday presents from last year, expect the next few posts to be birthday presents too~ I had quite a little Beastfinite shower last year xDDD

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Birthday haul 2012

Ahh! I'm so sorry about the lateness! This blog was always planned to be a quick lazy one because I knew I'd be super busy today. I've been up since 6:30 am just doing paperwork and started feeling queasy at work and went home earlier than planned. I was in bed until just a while ago when I remembered that I hadn't blogged yet!!

With my next birthday just around the corner, I thought it'd be a good time to post this quick blog showing the birthday presents that I got last year! You can see all the different things my friends got me, ah~ I'm lucky to be so spoilt by both my parents and my friends. So yep, the next few blog entries will be about the gifts I got for my birthday last year that you can see in the image. Please look forward to them!

Oh and sorry for a crappy quality picture, I can't find the original image so I just redownloaded it from Facebook and yeah, it's a bad quality picture ><

Have you guys got your ticket to the 4minute Party Rock concert?? Media Asia has restocked on 4minute official light sticks, and you get $5 off if you purchase it with proof that you have a ticket to attend the concert!

I still want to hold a giveaway but it seems like no one is interested )':

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hard to Love, How to Love album

Wooo so it's finally time the post that you've all been waiting for!!! The new Hard to Love, How to Love album!! And like I said, there'd be a giveaway for this album so I made sure to buy two ;) Hope you guys show enough interest for me to still go through with the giveaway though!

So the album is a pretty big cardboard box that opens up like a book. The top lid of the album has a cut out with a clear plastic sheet so it looks kinda of like a photo frame - which made life so difficult trying to take a nice picture of the album without getting the reflection of my phone in the shot /facepalm

I took so many shots and the nicest one without a terrible reflection is one that looks lower quality as a picture than the others OTL I had to move higher and zoom in so yeah.

CUBE why must you make my life so difficult xD

So the album is a big box that is obvious filled with more than just a CD xD Half of it is just padding for the CD. But above the CD is a lot of cardboard photos, a cardboard photo stand and a regulare jacket shoot book.

Okay so I've broken the jacket shoot photos into two bunchs for this blog because LOL. The above photos are just, I can't even. I'm not saying the boys look back, but the photos are just so terribly green-screened it hurts my eyes xDD And if it's not green-screen, it's a terrible photoshop job. Like seriously, CUBE could hire some B2UTY tumblr editor and do a better job. Some of the pictures are a lot worse than the others. Hyunseung's one up there is like, extremely terribad lol like oh my god.

Okay so special mention to Hyunseung for the jacket shoots because FUCK HE LOOKED FUCKING AMAZING. Like jeez I can't even UGGHHHHH QUISE JUST LOOK AT HIM. I mean Yoseob looked perfect as always because Yoseob is all kinds of perfect. And Doojoon is Doojoon, who sets standards to sex skyrocketing to impossibility. But FUCK GUYS. HYUNSEUNG. To those that know me, you're probably thinking "it's the blonde" and well, you're probably right. LMAO. BUT I DON'T EVEN CARE. HE IS #)%(UBN()%#BN(#%

Yeah okay. I'm good now. No wait. I'm not. FWAAHH#%)UN)Q(%UGAHH)%#G()%UNUGHH#%*G&Q()%HYUNSEUNG#*G%BUN()%#()%#GJ)%U#

Okay. Now I'm good. LOL!

Moving on~

So this album came with a set of seven cardboard photos and a cardboard photo stand that can hold the pictures. The one of the album cover has a group picture on the other side that I didn't figure out when I first took the picture so you'll see it in a picture below xDD

So the photos fit very snuggly inside the frame. The frame folds out from the back and there's there slit in the front (refer to first photo) and you just slip it in. You might thing that it would be weird for the photo if the stand part of the frame pokes out, because that's what I thought. But once you put the photo in, you can't even tell. I mean of course if you plunge the thing through the slit then yeah okay, it will be noticeable, but you can go like close to 1 cm without it being noticeable - you don't even need to poke it in that far to have it stand and not slip out anyways (refer to third photo).

So you can have the photo stand portrait if you plan on using one of the sis members, or you can use it landscape if you want to hold the group photo instead (:

And now it's time for the photocard! I'm sure you guys were wondering which cards I got hmm??

Well you guys should know that I usually start buying two copies of an album that comes with photocards - at the beginning. Then if I don't get my bias I usually buy two or three more. And even then I don't, well, let's not bring back memories of Infinite's Inspirit album in where I bought nine copies trying to get Sunggyu \ 0 /

I bought Destiny and Hard to Love, How to Love at the same time, I opened Destiny first, getting Dongwoo twice, but luckily Michael let me open another one - which ended up being Hoya. So I bought those two. I then proceeded to open the Beast one, and FIRST GO I GOT YOSEOB LIKE HOLY FUCK THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME LOL. I mean you guys saw my Midnight Sun post, I bought six copies and got every member but Yoseob. Like photocards just really fucking hate me LMAO!! I then opened the second one and this was going to be the giveaway one - unless it was Doojoon, in which case I'd buy a third one xD and it was Dongwoon so woot! You guys get double Dongwoon for the giveaway!!

Moving onto the poster; first off, I must apologise for the paperweights being int he way. I haven't had time - nor the wall space, to stick it up yet. So it's been rolled up with quite a few other posters of mine, and so I unrolled it and put it on the floor for the picture. The poster is alright, all that stuff isn't glare in my shot or anything, it's in the photo. It's the same shoot as the second part of the jacket shoot - thank god. Because if it was the first one with the terrible green-screen, I would have died. The poster is pretty nice though. Hyunseung. LOL!

Anyways, that brings an end to the post! I hope you enjoyed my posts this week and look forward to more! If you haven't already, check out my previous post about the BEAST meets B2UTY photobook! And have you guys gotten your hands on tickets for the 4minute Party Rock concert yet?? The concert is soon and tickets are very limited! They're gonna run out soon! Head online to Ticketek or go to your local Media Asia store to grab a ticket now! Media Asia will also be restocing on 4minute's official light stick and cheering towel so show some support and buy one or both! =D

Now hopefully, you guys are still interested in the giveaway right? Like I've been mentioning, the giveaway will include both Midnight Sun and Hard to Love, How to Love. Both with respective Dongwoon photocards. Poster not included. If you guys are still interested, please drop a comment below so I know whether to run the giveaway or not. If only a handful of people show interest, there really isn't a point to having it right? ): So let me know down below in the comments ^-^

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

BEAST meets B2UTY photobook

So this is a photobook for the 1st Beast fanmeeting Asia tour. It was released on 6th August 2012 - over a year ago T______T but the fanmeet tour itself took place on the 1st to the 23rd of July in 2011.

The photobook is actually really nice - like all Beast photobooks kekeke! It has so many lovely pictures!

So the photobook has another paper covering it, it feels kind of like tracing paper - if it was cardboard and no flimsy. Did that make any sense? I don't know, I liked the idea of it, the cover a doesn't have the red string thing if the tracing paper part isn't there.

The rest string thing is actually a "theme" kind of thing throughout the book.

So the photobook is comprised of pictures of the entire tour. So of course there are DVDs provided that show footage of the fanmeets!

The front cover has the first disc that includes Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

The CD packet is just attached to through the spine - the back side has the second disc - pictures at the end (since I'm taking photos of the book chronologically and stuffs)

So yeah, the DVDs are pretty nifty, lots of fun to watch all the games and stuff especially!! And those lucky fans that got to take pictures with the boys and stuff!! Ahh!! So jealous!

Anyways, so the photobook is broken up into four parts and each part has a theme - completely relevant to the title. So the rest of the rest of this post will be broken up into those parts too, similar format to the Special Selection of Beast post

part 1. waiting

So the first part is about the fans waiting for the boys at the airport and stuff. It's full of pictures of adoring fans from all the countries and stuff - really lovely to look at. It has the boys at the airport and stuff too.

You can really tell how long ago this was because Yoseob still has his Samsung Galaxy S1 in the photos LMAO holy crap. But the photobook did come out over a year after the tour itself (and I'm blogging about this a year after the photobook came out lol T____T) Yeah, the first reaction I had when I saw that the picture to the left had Yoseob's S1 AHAHAHAH I don't know rOfl~

I particularly love looking at the fansigns and stuff in this section because it makes me feel good that other B2UTY are welcoming the boys and loving them so much too! There are even pictures of them signing a giant blanket sheet or something for the boys too! Gives you a really nice fluffy feeling inside :3

part 2. heartbeat

So this section is all the backstage stuff of the boys before the fanmeets. It includes things like rehearsals and them chilling around. Photos included them looking at videos on their phones and browsing their iPad. It also has Doojoon playing around with a soccer ball - in stage outfit mind you LOL

There are also pictures of after the practice and stuff so there's nice sweaty pictures too ;) And since this is before the actual meeting, no make up either~ These boys look amazing in every way :3

And OMG, I hope you guys can read the text in the image to the right. Yoseob is so cute LMAO he's calling himself pretty. I saw the picture of him playing with the elephant and flipped out. Then I read the text at the bottom and it was like "Where does the elephant want to fly to? To visit our B2UTYs, maybe?" and I was like ()#%VN(%UBN(%BUN% MY YOSEOB IS THE CUTEST THING

part 3. b meets b

And this is the section that we've all been waiting for! This part is the actual fanmeet themselves! It has lots of B2UTY pictures and looks amazing! Wish I could've been there! The pictures made the atmosphere seem really fun and I just want to turn back time and hop on a plane to one of the destinations!

The pictures include the ones taken during performances as well as the games they played and stuff. Some of the ones during the performances were so amazing, I loved the shots. I really wished I had some of them digitally and just make it a wallpaper or something. Or print it out and make a poster!! These guys are professional photographers taking pictures for a photobook for a reason :3 And then there were just dorky pictures of the boys doing some fanservice too! You can't go without those after all! xDD And it also included pictures of the lucky fans that got to go up stage to take pictures with the boys too!! Those lucky girls!!

part 4. everlasting

Finally, this brings us to the last part of the photobook. This section mainly comprises of pictures of the back stage crew and people that we mostly won't recognise or know. But I like that they are included because they played a big part in this event too! Without them, we wouldn't have had the photobook because we definitely wouldn't have had the fanmeeting. I really liked that they included this section. I mean sure, I may look at these pictures less than the other sections, but it's amazing to be in the photobook ^-^ Good ol' CUBE!

This part shows the boys after the fanmeets and show the memories they will keep with them forever and that kind of stuff. The pictures are really cute because they're just happy and relieved and exhausted and everything ahahah :3

And this brings us to the end of the amazing photobook!

At the end of the photobook, of course, like I mentioned at the start of the post, is the second disc for the tour. The disc includes Japan and Taipei, the last two places of the tour.

Again, the red string theme happening on the covers. The red string actually appeared quite a lot throughout the photobook but you can't really tell because I've only taken a select few of the pictures for this post. But I'm sure you can find scans of this photobook and stuff - I mean, it's pretty old after all.

To be completely honest, the poster for this photobook wasn't that great. Like, I didn't even remember I had the poster, I only just took the picture before posting (whereas the other pictures were taken this morning). I mean, I remember it had a poster, but I thought I was going crazy and just ignored it. Then I looked behind the door of my other room earlier and saw the poster so took the picture. Sorry that the quality was kind of crap, I don't know why it turned out like that, maybe the ceiling light? The poster is in the corner after all? S: This image for the poster is also in the photobook btw (: Doojoon and Dongwoon LOL xD

And that brings and end to this post! I've been wanting to blog about this photobook but never got around to it like everything else, so now it's finally up - a year later xDD

So anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed reading, please look forward to my next post where I'll be posting about............. HARD TO LOVE, HOW TO LOVE - f i n a l l y . And yep, after that will be a giveaway post if people still show interest :D

Speaking of giveaway, if you guys didn't catch, I was thinking about doing a small giveaway with the Media Asia discount vouchers that I got yesterday. This would only apply to Sydney readers because the voucher is useless to anyone else really. So if you are interested in that giveaway, please leave a comment so I know! :D And of course, let me know if you're still interested in the Hard to Love, How to Love giveaway ^-^

Have you guys got your 4minute Party Rock concert tickets yet?? It's on September 1st with only 1,000 fans!!