Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Official Midnight Sun L-holder set

So I'm not sure how many of you guys know that CUBE released a lot of official goods during the Midnight Sun period, including holder sets, ear plugs, photo clips, and everything! I'll be posting about all the ones I have! But the others won't come for a long while ><

So for the Midnight Sun sets, it's gonna have its own tag in case people want to see them all in one section. And I'll be naming them the way they are named on the products. So these are just regular A4-sized clearfiles that you have seen many times before. They had one for Welcome Back To Beast Airline concert merchandise (that I didn't end up blogging about OTL). I think the 'L' in the name stands for large? There's a set of six, one for each member. I actually use the KPop clearfiles a lot at uni, but I haven't gotten around to using these ones yet because I need to finish using the Infinite Second Invasion Evolution ones first ><

The pictures on the clearfiles at like the rest of the Midnight Sun goods, just the boys being sexy in a pool of water. Yum. Yes.

A big thank you to Jeanny for getting me this (along with heaps of other stuff) for my birthday last year!!

So I think that's it for this post~ I'll just attach pictures at the end of this for you guys to take a looksie~

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