Friday, September 27, 2013

Official Midnight Sun Button set

And I'm back! So sorry that I left without notice! My workload for both university and work just increased at the same time and I was feeling myself stressing more than I should so I spent a lot of time on studying. I haven't even been seeing friends and barely see my boyfriend unless I meet people to study with D:

But anyways! With my 21st birthday just past and me feeling very old, I think I should hurry up and finish my birthday presents from last year! This is another present from Jeanny, another gift from the Midnight Sun set. This time, it's just buttons/badges.

As you can see, I have not opened it yet. Because Jeanny wrote on the shrink wrap and I don't really have a use for these buttons even if I did open them so like, yeah, I don't see the harm of leaving them in the packaging? xD But that does mean that I can't give a detailed review. But buttons are buttons, what more do you need to know? xD I've put a ruler in the picture (cm) for you to see the sizes of the buttons - that are fairly big.

This following week is midsemester break so I will try to find time to post. I'll try to post more than just Tuesday and Friday so that I can quickly get up to date with the posts on my to-do list, but no promises!

This is the last of the birthday presents from last year. Expect a new post next Tuesday! :D

And to those in Australia, I'm sorry but I won't be attending XIA's concert tomorrow because of various reasons. But I hope that you guys do go and support him! Have fun tomorrow! Let the world of KPop know that we exist and love their artists so more will come down! =D

Happy Friday, see you next time~

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