Friday, November 25, 2011

Beast won Artist of the Year on MelOn Music Awards 2011

Ah today is a really proud day! I don't know how many of you were watching it live but I sure was! Sure it was a long event and just ate all my downloads but Doojoon was MC and there were even random shots of Yoseob in the crowd during performances so that's not too bad ahah!

To be honest though, all the guest MCs were really awkward to the point where I cringed. Oh but there was this one guy who did a little magic trick, that was awesome! I love magic tricks rOfl they are so, magical (go figured xD) but I hate when people tell me how it's done. Don't tell me how it's done dammit. It's magic.

Beast performed On Rainy Days and Fiction tonight and I hope none of you guys follow my personal Twitter because I was spamming incoherent things and keyboard smashing like crazy LOL

Here's a take of the performance for those who missed it!

It was a great performance and the fans were great! Aish B2UTY were just great all night! Even during the awards part! If only you guys could hear how loud they were chanting during the awards announcement.

Beast was nominated in Album of the Year, Artist of the Year and Song of the Year. 2NE1 won Album of the Year and IU won Song of the Year.

Here's Artist of the Year video~

Ahh all the videos are low quality right now I'm sorry, but they are up fast at least? There will be high quality ones later I'm sure ^^ Oh and you guys need to also watch the promotional part thing too! Our boys are so adorable!

Ah and it was so great of them to stay back after the awards to bow to everyone. Everyone else left already but Beast thanked the fans ahhh~

I think that will end the post for tonight, I'm so tired. I was tired early into the evening already and basically ran on Beast hype/adrenaline. Today is a proud day for us B2UTY! 24th November 2011 hehe another lovely date to add to the calendar~

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Welcome Back to BEAST AIRLINE Mug

Hmm I wanted to post the calendar first but it's difficult getting nice pictures of it right now so I opted for doing this first.

This is the mug that was like $55 or something oh god LOL just thinking about how much money I spent on this thing makes me feel shit about it ahaha but it's Beast so it can't be helped right? :P

 It came in a very nice packaging and I don't want to throw the box away rOfl it's a little damaged from keeping it in my draw but yeah I love it LOL!

It also came with the B2UTY points thing like all the other official merchandise. But I've already stuck all my points into the passport so I can't remember which this one was anymore.

Oh that reminds me, I haven't posted up the passport yet either have I? Ack I'm so behind on things I'm sorry ;~~~;

I don't know whose lips those are, but I'm gonna tell myself it's a Beast member's ahahah but it doesn't look like Yoseob's though rOfl~

This side has the autographs of the boys hehe I don't know which side I like better. But since I'm right-handed, I hold mugs this way anyways so yeah~

But to be honest, I haven't drank from this yet. I don't know, when I bought it I was so excited to be using it but when it arrived, it was too precious to use.

Yeah I know, I just spent $55 on a mug and haven't used it OMG I'm so horrible LOL ;A;

But I already have a coffee mug at home and stuff LOL ugh okay I'll use this mug soon okay rOfl typing it up makes me feel so bad. I wasted money on this but I love it LOL OTL

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New posters up

Hehe so I don't know if you guys ever knew, you probably do. But I have heaps of posters. Even more than the ones I've already blogged about because I got more since then.

But really I haven't been able to put them all up. Actually did I ever blog the last time I had the posters up on my wall? Probably not. Oh wait I did, kind of haha~ I posted Poster renovation of me in the process of it but I don't think I never put up the finished product xD

I had so many posters and now that I finished Uni, I spent a whole Sunday cleaning my room and putting up the posters so here have a lookie~

Yeah I had to stick them on my door as well. I took down a lot of Anime stuff from my walls and door.

I have more Infinite posters to put up but I need to move the TV first, so they still aren't up yet. Also I probably won't post a picture of them once they are up because yeah, this is a Beast blog.

Sorry the pictures are bad quality, I took it with my phone heh ><

Monday, November 21, 2011

Alive and healthy :P

Eep I'm so sorry guys! I left this blog to die when Uni got too busy and I couldn't handle the stress.

Also my camera stopped working, then I bought a new one and then lost it. So I couldn't update with new things I bought anyways T___T -coughalsoigotintoinfinitecough-

But I know, that's no excuse! I finished Uni for the year and I'm free until March~

So I will spend that time trying to update this place~

Things to look out for:

  • Welcome Back to BEAST Airline concert goods
  • Fiction and Fact products
  • Photobook
  • Magazines
  • K-POP MUSIC FEST in Sydney 2011

There might be other stuff that I just can't remember right now LOL

To tell you I'm sorry. Here's a picture of Yoseob in the FC Men soccer ='D