Friday, November 25, 2011

Beast won Artist of the Year on MelOn Music Awards 2011

Ah today is a really proud day! I don't know how many of you were watching it live but I sure was! Sure it was a long event and just ate all my downloads but Doojoon was MC and there were even random shots of Yoseob in the crowd during performances so that's not too bad ahah!

To be honest though, all the guest MCs were really awkward to the point where I cringed. Oh but there was this one guy who did a little magic trick, that was awesome! I love magic tricks rOfl they are so, magical (go figured xD) but I hate when people tell me how it's done. Don't tell me how it's done dammit. It's magic.

Beast performed On Rainy Days and Fiction tonight and I hope none of you guys follow my personal Twitter because I was spamming incoherent things and keyboard smashing like crazy LOL

Here's a take of the performance for those who missed it!

It was a great performance and the fans were great! Aish B2UTY were just great all night! Even during the awards part! If only you guys could hear how loud they were chanting during the awards announcement.

Beast was nominated in Album of the Year, Artist of the Year and Song of the Year. 2NE1 won Album of the Year and IU won Song of the Year.

Here's Artist of the Year video~

Ahh all the videos are low quality right now I'm sorry, but they are up fast at least? There will be high quality ones later I'm sure ^^ Oh and you guys need to also watch the promotional part thing too! Our boys are so adorable!

Ah and it was so great of them to stay back after the awards to bow to everyone. Everyone else left already but Beast thanked the fans ahhh~

I think that will end the post for tonight, I'm so tired. I was tired early into the evening already and basically ran on Beast hype/adrenaline. Today is a proud day for us B2UTY! 24th November 2011 hehe another lovely date to add to the calendar~

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