Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New posters up

Hehe so I don't know if you guys ever knew, you probably do. But I have heaps of posters. Even more than the ones I've already blogged about because I got more since then.

But really I haven't been able to put them all up. Actually did I ever blog the last time I had the posters up on my wall? Probably not. Oh wait I did, kind of haha~ I posted Poster renovation of me in the process of it but I don't think I never put up the finished product xD

I had so many posters and now that I finished Uni, I spent a whole Sunday cleaning my room and putting up the posters so here have a lookie~

Yeah I had to stick them on my door as well. I took down a lot of Anime stuff from my walls and door.

I have more Infinite posters to put up but I need to move the TV first, so they still aren't up yet. Also I probably won't post a picture of them once they are up because yeah, this is a Beast blog.

Sorry the pictures are bad quality, I took it with my phone heh ><

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