Monday, February 20, 2012

Visiting Yoseob's family restaurant

So the reason this blog has been dead is because I was in Korea for Infinite's Second Invasion concert. While I was there, I made sure to visit Yoseob's restaurant. We decided to have brunch at Yoseob's on the second day ^^

Seohyun at train station
So like, we actually planned to go to Manwondong to find Infinite's dorm first, but for some reason, in Korea, we take a lot longer to get ready in the morning. LOL! We were meant to leave the house at 8am but then before you know it, Isabel already arrived and offered to make us the free breakfast at 8:30. So we just finished getting ready, had breakfast and talked with Isabel for a bit, and we left by like 9:30? LOL!

Yeah, we then decided to skip Manwondong for the day and just go straight to brunch at Yoseob's! Yay!!

When we got there, we knew it was close to the Seokgye train station, like get off at whatever exit was on the map and expected a little short walk to turn the corner or something. But when we got there, not even. LOL!

We got there and it was like smack bang right there in full view. It's a small tiny shop, and I saw the mini Yoseob shrine through the window right away.

There were these two people sitting near the window who kept looking at me freak out and taking pictures.

And then, this man went up to the glass door to wipe it down because there was steam/fog all over it. And right that moment, I knew it was Yoseob's dad.

I talked to Chloe before I left because she went to the restaurant when she was in Korea for Beautiful Show and she said you would be able to spot Yoseob's dad right away, and well, she was right. The similarity isn't like Dongwoo and his dad, but you can tell it's Yoseob's dad ahah!

We went in and we grabbed a table next to the mini shrine. It was small, nice and cozy, not very busy. But Yoseob's mum wasn't there though ):

Really though I couldn't stop spazzing while inside that restaurant, I was like "I'M EATING AT YOSEOB'S RESTAURANT", "YOSEOB HAS BREATHED THIS AIR", "HIS DAD TALKED TO ME" and everything OMG xDD

Yoseob's dad was really nice, and he gave us a menu with Yoseob's face on it ahahah!! We were still full from the lovely breakfast that Isabel made us, so I ordered just simple dumplings, and Natalie had dumpling soup -- which she couldn't finish anyways.

There were a few fans coming in to give presents for Yoseob for Valentine's Day.

Ugh I still have Yoseob's present that I failed to give him in November back in Australia in Lian's draws OTL I totally didn't think about bringing them OMG.

I should've brought my fansign as well so they can stick it up because Beast remember's mine and Lian's signs xD

After that, we paid the bill and I of course asked for a picture with Yoseob's dad ahah!

We left Seokgye after that because it's a quiet little town with not much to do, there weren't any shopping centres or anything either? We only planned on the restaurant and we were on a tight schedule.

But Isabel said it was far, it's not even very far, like if I went to Korea University or Seoul University (I forget which one, but it's like the same distance from Seokgye as Central to Strathfield, maybe less) then I would go to that restaurant everyday after Uni xD I am so transferring just for that.

As souvenir, I took this magnet, a plastic toothpick, a napkin and this flier thing LOL!

I'm so sorry that I haven't been updating this blog, but from what I know there aren't many Beast things to update about anyways besides like pictures from the tour and stuff? LOL =X

I would post about the rest of my trip here but honestly I only went into one KPop store on the first day to buy the concert DVD, and the rest of my trip wasn't really Beast-centered? But still KPop centered? Like Namsam Tower and EverySing etc. I don't know if you guys care about that LOL if you want me to blog about my trip it will be in parts like this, not by days, because we did too much in one day.


  1. i am sooo jealous!! >.<
    i hope i can visit korea and this restaurant one day, too!! ♥

    1. Ahaha you should visit when you get the chance, it's not hard to get to and his parents are very kind and welcoming ^^

  2. Wahhh You even got to meat his dad!!
    Do you know what the address is? I also want to visit there when I go to Korea~

    1. I don't have the address with me right now, but just get off at Seokgye train station and the store will be right there once you leave one of the exits... That I can't remember lol sorry ):

    2. Kekeke Gomawo! Someday I will visit~^^

  3. Oh my gosh I sooo envy you! :>
    I hope I can pass through my computer and get there in a snap! :D
    Awwwww ur a lucky fella! :)
    seobie's dad looks cool haha :D
    Thanks for sharing this! :>

    1. Haha hope you can visit one day too!

    2. I'm working hard so i can visit Korea and see Beast!!! :D Haha
      I'll visit ur blog regularly this is so beast! :D

    3. Aww thank you! Sorry I haven't updated in like a month though T____T

  4. ur welcome I hope we can be friends this is my twitter name: iamSuperCheska
    and this is my facebook:
    I also do blogging but on wordpress haha
    Take care!!! :D

  5. Did you visit INFINITE dorm? & did you take picture or record? :)

    1. Yes I did and yes I took a lot of pictures of the dorm and practice room and filmed our trip since getting off the train and stuff LOL but I won't be posting that on this blog since this is a Beast blog ^^;

    2. Do you know the address of Infinite's Dorm? Please tell me how to get there ><

    3. Sorry, my friend and I agreed not to share the dorm's whereabouts to respect their privacy as well as their managers'. But I can tell you that they live in Manwondong. You can find places that they've been during You Are My Oppa and Sesame Player and Birth Of A Family and kinda figure out in which general direction their dorm is though.

  6. Where is that restaurant? I mean the address or atleast area:D

    1. Ermm... I wrote it in my blog entry. It's in Seokgye, next to the station. I can't remember the address sorry.


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