Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hello February

So it's February and that means we can't have Yoseob's everlasting smile on our calendars anymore ):

But luckily Yoseob's perfection is still on the February page yay!

As you can see my calendar has little events scribbled onto it, I was thinking about writing down birthdays as well but that's just too many and I have Google Calendar and my phone for that.

Beautiful Show in Seoul is less than a week away argh! So jealous, I can't believe I miss it OTL and they are even giving out those fan towels that Yoseob designed, catapults and all! Argh!! So much hate for the world for stopping me.

I am so excited for my Korea trip though! I've already packed most of my things kekeke

O-Week is 29th February - 2nd March for University of Sydney, I had fun last year so I might go again this year if my friends and I feel like it xD I need to get lots of freebies after all :P

The year is going by so fast, it's already February! I've done nothing but watch Digimon all year to be honest. WOO Digimon marathon. But this blog isn't the place to talk about that xD

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