Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Yoseob's The First Collage album

For those following my Coming Soon page, derp, sorry, it's out of order, I will post the BEAST Seasons Greeting 2014 pack in 2 weeks or so xD

So this album of Yoseob's is pretty old, I just looked up the release date and it came out on 26 November 2012 so I'm kind of very behind ahahahah

I really loved that the title song was called Caffeine because anyone that knows me knows that I'm a coffee addict and I cannot go through my day without my morning coffee, during uni, I have 3 coffees a day to keep me going xD The song is lovely and something you do expect to play at a cafe, also something I love, I love cafes.


The album packaging is just a simple flip-open thing. The cover is beautiful, the artwork is lovely andi love how they made parts of the packaging glossy and stick out a bit. I tried to take a close-up picture of the bird on the cover to show you guys.

The album also comes with a photocard, I know there are a few types, but I didn't go too crazy with the photocard collection this time as I usually do xDD I don't know why, I may buy more later, we shall see xD

The photos in the book are really nice, I took a picture of a few of my favourites, Yoseob can be hot and adorable in one photobook ahhhh my perfect thing <3

The poster is simple and elegant, I have it stuck up on the wall behind my piano and it's nice to walk by it. Not too high up so I can see it easily every morning :3

A reminder that the giveaway will be opening in a few days on 01 February (GMT +10). And I wanna wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Alive and ready for a giveaway

Hi guys, I hope I still have readers.

Some of you guys may have noticed that I came back the other day with a new post. To not clutter up the previous entry (Beast official cheering towel) with too much information that was irrelevant to the post, I'm making this one (:

Again, I apologise for taking off again. Uni got stressful for me last semester, I was freaking out a lot more than usual and scared. I'm scared now. I wish I could say that life has been completely dandy, but I'd be lying. That's not to say that I'm in a terrible position right now and my life is in the gutter, no.

For those who have been following me for a few years, it's that time of year again. That time where I decide that I want this blog to be active and start posting. But then it dies during semester when things get rough. I think what I did at the end of last year where I had set days that I posted was a good idea and easy to manage and keep track of. So I think I'll do that again, but instead of posting twice a week, it'll only be once a week (with this one an exception, of course). I haven't really decided what day that I would be doing the posts yet, I'll decide that once Uni starts and I can see how to fit the schedule. But that isn't until March, so until then, I'll probably just be posting Sunday/Monday (GMT +10), with exception posts like random updates and announcements. But expect regular merchandise post once a week.

Anyways, there have been people interested in the giveaway that I was trying to hold and I think that it'd be a great way to start this blog again for the year. I found this nice little generator thing that you guys can enter with little fuss. I just set the options for entering, the start and end date, put the widget on my blog and the generator does the rest.

If you are new here, the giveaway that I was planning was for Midnight Sun album and Hard to Love, How to Love album, both with their respective Dongwoon photocards. The giveaway will be international and you do not pay for any shipping.

The giveaway will open on 01 February 12 am (GMT +10) and end 28 February 11:59 pm (GMT +10). So please look forward to the giveaway and I hope many people will enter. I know from the Blogger stats that there are people who read my blog that don't comment or email me, so I'm hoping that you guys enter too (:

If there's anything you'd like to see me do for the blog, please leave a comment below and I'll see if it's easy enough to do. But based off the previous few years, I don't really like the whole "update on Beast news" and things like that. If there's any Beast merchandise that you want me to post about that aren't already on the Coming Soon page, please feel free to leave a comment below. If I don't have it (unlikely LOL) then I'll try to get it ASAP to post about (:

Monday, January 20, 2014

Beast official cheering towel

First of all, happy new year everyone!! As always, my blog died during the end of Semester 2 and it starting up again at the start of the year. I'm gonna try to keep it alive this year!! Someone slap me if I don't. Or if I go missing without notice.

I think that I will be changing the scheduling of the posts to once a week (little baby steps xD), although I haven't really decided on a day yet. The day will be decided once I get my university timetable and I'll pick a day that isn't too busy. But until that happens (mid-February), I'll just be posting maybe Sunday/Monday (: But more on the site updates in another post.

This post is gonna be a quick post about the Beast official slogan cheering towel. I'm sure you guys have seen this already, it's been around for like 2 years or something? And you always see fans in the crowd at music shows and concerts waving them.

These towels are just like other KPop ones, they come in these fancy zipped pouches, usually with the group logo on it. And they have a sheet of (tracing?) paper in the middle so that when you fold the towel, it doesn't smudge and imprint on the other side.

I have a few of these towels so I put a twist tie through all the hoops of the zips,twist an end to make a loop and just hang it above my vanity desk on a hook (: