Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Yoseob's The First Collage album

For those following my Coming Soon page, derp, sorry, it's out of order, I will post the BEAST Seasons Greeting 2014 pack in 2 weeks or so xD

So this album of Yoseob's is pretty old, I just looked up the release date and it came out on 26 November 2012 so I'm kind of very behind ahahahah

I really loved that the title song was called Caffeine because anyone that knows me knows that I'm a coffee addict and I cannot go through my day without my morning coffee, during uni, I have 3 coffees a day to keep me going xD The song is lovely and something you do expect to play at a cafe, also something I love, I love cafes.


The album packaging is just a simple flip-open thing. The cover is beautiful, the artwork is lovely andi love how they made parts of the packaging glossy and stick out a bit. I tried to take a close-up picture of the bird on the cover to show you guys.

The album also comes with a photocard, I know there are a few types, but I didn't go too crazy with the photocard collection this time as I usually do xDD I don't know why, I may buy more later, we shall see xD

The photos in the book are really nice, I took a picture of a few of my favourites, Yoseob can be hot and adorable in one photobook ahhhh my perfect thing <3

The poster is simple and elegant, I have it stuck up on the wall behind my piano and it's nice to walk by it. Not too high up so I can see it easily every morning :3

A reminder that the giveaway will be opening in a few days on 01 February (GMT +10). And I wanna wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

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