Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some Fun Facts :D

Okay so there's nothing much I feel like updating so I'm just gonna post some fun facts I read a few hours ago. Although most of these facts I knew ages ago. But yeah. They're interesting haha! I love my boys so much :P

A fan handed Yoseob a stack of papers. "Oppa! These are BEAST fanfics! Please read them!" Yoseob was all smiley as he read it. Doojoon wondered why he was so giddy and read it. After that, he didn't say a word to Junhyung or Yoseob for a week. Because it was a Junseob fic.
LOL this will always be one of my more favourite facts. Jealous Doojoon :P

Gikwang didn't know the difference between a swing and a seesaw as a child.
How cute, I don't understand how he didn't know, but how cute LOL!

When Hyunseung was younger, he couldn't tell the difference between an elephant and an umbrella.
Okay. I can't even begin to understand how Hyunseung could get the two confused. LOL! That's even worse than Kikwang's one rOfl~

Yoseob does unimaginable things when the members are upset. He always cheers them up.
Okay when I read this my mind totally hit the DooSeob gutter. LOL! Unimaginable things you say? Doojoon you must be upset all the time seeing as you get no sleep and are on such a busy schedule....... ( .____.)

Gikwang: You're my first love!
Yoseob: No thanks, I already have Doojoon!
I think the reason I have this here is self-explanatory. LOL! ♥

Doojoon doesn't believe in quitting after a failure.
And that is our wonderful Yoon leader ♥ Never quit after failure (:

Doojoon once gave Yoseob a doll for his birthday.
I must know which doll it was! Is it one of the ones on his bed!? Does Yoseob hold it when he sleeps? Does he cherish it a lot? Keep it close to him as he dreams? ♥

On Yoseob and his ex-girlfriend's 100 day anniversary, he booked a karaoke room and decorated it beautifully with balloons and other things. After that, he told her to come inside and sang her a song. Plus, she loves dolls so he bought her a huge doll exactly her size.
I always loved this fact of Yoseob ♥ It's so incredibly cute. But I can't even begin to understand how difficult to have those anniversaries in Korea. In Australia, we celebrate 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, etc etc. But they celebrate days over there. As if it wasn't difficult enough for me to count all the BEAST anniversaries to mark on my 2011 calendar. Sheesh. LOL!

Doojoon couldn't sleep when Hyunseung, Junhyung, Gikwang, Dongwoon, and 4minute's Jiyoon and Gayoon were about to take their college entrance exams.
Again, our lovely Yoon leader. Not only caring for his dongsaengs from BEAST, but also his fellow CUBE Family ones too. Love you Doojoon ♥

Gikwang always jokes around about wanting to marry Hyunseung.
ALWAYS? LOL I thought it was only that one time - and I thought he was just like not thinking straight from going 3 days without sleep. LOL!

Doojoon starts to touch Gikwang's abs when he's bored.
Wow... Just wow... LOL! Doojoon how often do you get bored? LOLOL! I would like to be bored with you too. But hey, you don't get bored when Yoseob is around right? WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING KIKWANG ANYWAYS!? Oh wait I get it... That's why Yoseob started eating less and taking care of his body, then got abs. Do you touch Yoseob's abs when you're bored too Doojoon? :3

The members each have different colored toothbrushes. Junhyung likes to arrange them according to the rainbow.
LOLOLOL!! I laughed so hard at this. How cute is he? Seriously Junhyung is the cutest thing when he isn't on stage. I love it ♥ Haha! His embarrassed look, cute smile and adorable motions :P

Doojoon says that Junhyung runs around the house and goes up to the members whispering while staring at them, "I'm the Joker."

When Yoseob was about to fall down on stage, he pulled Doojoon's pants and revealed his underwear. The other members laughed in the back while Yoseob quickly ran. Doojoon caught up to him and attacked Yoseob’s but with his knees.
Hohoho... Yoseob ;D But I wish there was a fancam of this. LOL just sayin' xD

Doojoon: "Music can make a day's anxiety disappear. It is the biggest comfort to our hearts."
It's true, especially your music ♥

Sometimes Yoseob is very dishonest.
Is it because he always hides his sadness so others don't worry? And cries on his own?

Yoseob spent his Children Day replying to B2UTYs on his YOZM.
We know ♥

Ramen is Yoseob's favorite food.
Although he eats anything and everything. rOfl~

Dongwoon's favorite food is pepper/chili crab.
I didn't know that at all. Will get it for you Dongwoon!

Dongwoon treasures friendship more than love.
Awww our maknae ♥ Really that is sweet, and I feel the same.

Gikwang: "Whenever you're tired, always lean on me. I'll be by your side."
I'll gladly take that offer Kikwang ;D

Gikwang loves to crump. He rips his costumes often at the crotch area because of this.

Junhyung makes sure there's always shampoo to use and that they never run out of shaving cream.
He's truly the mother of the group :3

When Hyunseung first met Doojoon, he knew that Doojoon would be a reliable leader.
Yep, he definitely is. He looks incredibly reliable no? Yoon leader~ ♥

A fan asked Gikwang whether he would like to go out with her. He nicely said, "It can't happen."
Aww, he rejected her nicely. Well at least he didn't jokingly say yes and then have her come up to him the next day all happy to have her find out he was just kidding unlike another idol.

Gikwang opened for Lady Gaga's Korean showcase last year.
I didn't know that. I didn't even know Lady Gaga had a Korean showcase. LOL!

Okay that's it for now! I was just blogging this because I can't think of a title for chapter five of Sweet Valentine. LOL! Procrastinating, if you will xD


  1. awwwwwwwwgh. i need more facts. :) doojoon especially <3

  2. Oh My Gosh!!! I also laughed when I read Junhyung arranging the toothbrushes by the color of the rainbow^^ Kyaaaahhhh!!!! Sooooooooo kyeopta!!!!

  3. Aww doojoon is sooo sweet...

  4. So Yoseob was lying when he said he only had 1 girlfriend when he was in 5th grade? Awww.. He didn't have to lie :(

  5. update more fact pleaseeee

    1. Oh did you like the random splurge of Beast facts? Ahah okay I will try to find some more fun ones to post some time soon ^^

  6. Hahahaha! I kept on laughing!! Most especially the tootbrush thing!! :DDDDD And Kikwang is soooo~~ Cute ♥


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