Sunday, February 20, 2011

[Fancam] BEAST DooSeob - Piggyback Ride during Bad Girl performance @ Encore Concert 110219

Okay OMG when I heard about this during the concert, I spazzed. Totally needed more DooSeob seriously! And Bad Girl is like THE DooSeob song!!

The fancam was up and I watched it for AGESSSSS like 30mins? Instead of sleeping. Thank you Bee for uploading it onto YouTube!

Doojoon slapping Yoseob's butt ♥

Though on another note, Yoseob's voice didn't falter at all while he was doing that. When I leave onto someone and jump off, I can't even speak without breaking up sentences and having pauses. But Yoseob just sang perfectly the whole way through. That's our main vocalist for you! ♥

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