Sunday, February 6, 2011

[CLIP] 110206 CDTV - BEAST Cut (sneak peek at "Shock" Jap. MV)

Taken from B2STTV@YT

I know this is so 12 hours ago. But I'm sorry if I was asleep when it came out. LOL! And also that I wasn't on the computer until 3pm.

Yay a sneak peak to the Japanese version! But I still don't get why it's a Japanese version. Didn't they say BEAST would debut with entirely new songs? :S Oh well!! BEAST nonetheless LOL!

Okay so to practise my Japanese, when I found out that there would be a Japanese Shock, I decided to translate the English translations from the Korean one into Japanese. And then I could like compare it to the Japanese one when it's released. So I can see mistakes I made, learn different grammar structures, and also learn new words while I was translating.

But after this sneak peek, I believe it was all useless now. Seeing as the translations aren't the same. Dammit. LOL! See with Mister and Gee (the only two other Japanese versions I've heard that isn't DBSK), I never knew the Korean translations. So I just automatically assumed Japanese and Korean translations were the same. But they aren't. Dammit. LOL! Why didn't I look it up sooner! rOfl~

Anyways Yoseob's Japanese pronunciation in the song is cute haha! I wouldn't be able to understand it if the lyrics weren't on screen. But the LQ audio also plays a roll. But LOL he says "kute" like "katte" when I listen xDD

I personally liked the Korean MV better, from the looks of the preview, but it's okay, this one is still cool. And I hope that this is just LQ audio, because I personally don't like how Yoseob sounds that much in this preview =X

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