Sunday, February 27, 2011


This is a late post because yeah, it just is. I didn't really know what to say about it that isn't being said everywhere else.

Our boys have been through 500 days with us and they continue to work hard. I hope they achieve great success from the hard work and all that they put into everything they do.

Please help trend #500BEAST on Twitter if you are online right now (:

This is Dongwoon. BEAST has finally met 500th day.
To B2UTY who were more wounded than we were when we had more haters than lovers,
thank you for filling up empty stages and empty hearts.
We'll respond with greater love to your unchanging love.
Sincerely, thank you^^

Our Dongwoon is just the sweetest thing, isn't he? I think I speak for all B2UTY's (hopefully) when I say, we will love you and BEAST for always (:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

#shockinjapan SHOCK MV

There's just so many things to fangirl about, so I'm gonna put them in point form LOL!

  • At the start, when I saw Yoseob in front of the fan instead of being molested by wires like in the Korean, a part of me died inside LOLOL! But that was soon fixed haha!
  • Derp they used blonde Yoseob from the Korean MV for a second when the wire jacked in xD
  • Junhyung's rap was still in Korean (NOT A BAD THING. I'M NOT COMPLAINING. YOU SHOULD STOP TOO IF YOU ARE.) It threw me off a little bit, I though it was the Japanese MV with Korean audio.
  • But that was soon fixed with Doojoon's part. OMFG how hot is Doojoon this MV?
  • Hyunseung sounds amazing singing in Japanese.
  • LOL I'm still amused by Yoseob's mispronunciation in the chorus. I don't know why though. But I love it xD
  • How freaking hot is our maknae? Like sheesh! LOL!
  • And OMG Doojoon is so hot.
  • Kikwang's second part sounds great in Japanese - then again it sounded great in Korean too. I don't know what it is I love about that part.
  • I love that there's so many different Yoseob shots. He must've done a lot of filming haha! Just like in the Korean one :P
  • And omg, that part of Junhyung and Dongwoon after the second chorus. I love it. I love it so fucking much. It sounds so good in Japanese. When I first heard it I literally went "wow..." aloud. Like I liked it in the Korean one but when I heard the Japanese... Wow...
  • I was kind of hoping Hyunseung's note would be the new high note that he does in live performances but oh well.
  • LOL they used Hyunseung's eye thing again.
  • I kinda liked the Korean clip for Doojoon's "so crazy" bit in the last chorus more than the Japanese.

#shockinjapan Japanese names

Because I see this on Twitter and tumble and am incredibly amused by it. Memorising the Japanese names are gonna be difficult considering there's a hell of a lot of letters guys. It's not like Korean where they have 3 each LOL. But good luck. I'll put this here in case you guys also need a reference.

BEAST - ビースト (But I've never seen it in katakana before. It's always been written as BEAST in English so you shouldn't need to worry about this one)
SHOCK - ショック (I don't know whether you'd need this one either, just in case, but it would just be SHOCK)
Yoon Doojoon - ユン・ドゥジュン
Jang Hyunseung - チャン・ヒョンスン
Yong Junhyung - ヨン・ジュンヒョン
Yang Yoseob - ヤン・ヨソプ
Lee Kikwang - イ・ギグァン
Son Dongwoon - ソン・ドンウン

For the following song, the translation is in this format on the albums:
Title in English - Katakana of how the Korean is pronounced <Title in Japanese>
When The Door Closes - ムニ ダッチミョン <ドアが閉まれば>
I Like You The Best - ニガ チェイル チョア <キミが一番好き>


Okay so like, RIGHT NOW, the Japanese 'SHOCK' MV is airing in five Japanese cities - Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo and Fukuoka. On the big screens.

I'm so pissed because Allan was in Tokyo yesterday but now he's in Hakone so he can't even call me to let me hear it LOL T___T


Right now, Twitter is over capacity. B2UTY if you are able to tweet (unlike me), please help trend #shockinjapan yeah? :D

Since Twitter won't work I'll probably be having random fangirl spazzes on here instead and then end up editing and combining all the posts. I was meant to fix up the concert posts as well but I've been busy and exhausted. Will get to it soon I swear DX

Monday, February 21, 2011

DooSeob has finally gone public.

So with the concert over, lots of fancams and pictures are finally being posted. I mean during the time period, I heard that there was DooSeob, but now to finally see it... AHH~~

So we had some at the press conference that took place before the concert started.

We have our usual Bad Girl DooSeob on the first night.

Yoseob was singing and staring at Doojoon's ass all "should I smack that? Should I? Hmm. Yeah I totally should." *smack*

And Doojoon does nothing and continues normally, because it's so perfectly normal. LOL!

But not only that, there was also the Bad Girl moment from the second day of the encore concert! That I posted in the previous post.

Then there was the BTS of I Like You The Best MV and stuff like that, where Doojoon was nearing into Yoseob, holding hands, the intense stares at each other... GAH!

Except in that gif, it looks like Yoseob pulled Doojoon towards him, but who cares. DOOSEOB WOOO!!

Oh and we had DooSeob during the encore of the first day~

But more importantly, DOOSEOB WENT PUBLIC!!! Yeah that's right. Doojoon totally said "saranghaeyo" to Yoseob!

This is the greatest thing ever. And there's plenty more fancams to come. Ahh~~

I still have to start fixing the other Encore Concert posts. I need to edit this one too a little when I get the chance. Sigh.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

[Fancam] BEAST DooSeob - Piggyback Ride during Bad Girl performance @ Encore Concert 110219

Okay OMG when I heard about this during the concert, I spazzed. Totally needed more DooSeob seriously! And Bad Girl is like THE DooSeob song!!

The fancam was up and I watched it for AGESSSSS like 30mins? Instead of sleeping. Thank you Bee for uploading it onto YouTube!

Doojoon slapping Yoseob's butt ♥

Though on another note, Yoseob's voice didn't falter at all while he was doing that. When I leave onto someone and jump off, I can't even speak without breaking up sentences and having pauses. But Yoseob just sang perfectly the whole way through. That's our main vocalist for you! ♥

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Welcome Back to BEAST AIRLINE Photobook

Sorry this is like the best I can do with picture updates. There's not many pictures at all right now, not like last night. Where's the media? Did they only go yesterday? DX

Cr. Bestiz


Cr. yanusb2st


Welcome Back to BEAST AIRLINE Day 1 over

19 Feb 2011 , 'Welcome Back to BEAST AIRLINE' Encore Concert Day 2 , 5PM KST at Olympic Stadium in Seoul
See you all then (:

Friday, February 18, 2011





Doojoon fell

Since Doojoon fell the first concert, he has to fall again  in the encore concert right? LOL

Welcome Back to BEAST AIRLINE Picture spam

Live updates of the songs they sing, please go to my Twitter. This blog is only for spamming pictures and occasional updates of what's happening.