Saturday, February 26, 2011

#shockinjapan Japanese names

Because I see this on Twitter and tumble and am incredibly amused by it. Memorising the Japanese names are gonna be difficult considering there's a hell of a lot of letters guys. It's not like Korean where they have 3 each LOL. But good luck. I'll put this here in case you guys also need a reference.

BEAST - ビースト (But I've never seen it in katakana before. It's always been written as BEAST in English so you shouldn't need to worry about this one)
SHOCK - ショック (I don't know whether you'd need this one either, just in case, but it would just be SHOCK)
Yoon Doojoon - ユン・ドゥジュン
Jang Hyunseung - チャン・ヒョンスン
Yong Junhyung - ヨン・ジュンヒョン
Yang Yoseob - ヤン・ヨソプ
Lee Kikwang - イ・ギグァン
Son Dongwoon - ソン・ドンウン

For the following song, the translation is in this format on the albums:
Title in English - Katakana of how the Korean is pronounced <Title in Japanese>
When The Door Closes - ムニ ダッチミョン <ドアが閉まれば>
I Like You The Best - ニガ チェイル チョア <キミが一番好き>

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