Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Kikwang!

Ahh I'm a little late on this. So it's our Kikwangie's birthday today! And hey, I think this is pretty darn good effort seeing as I didn't even make posts for Junhyung's and Yoseob's birthday, so Kikwang's is the first one since this blog was created xD

Happy Birthday Kikwang! I hope all your wishes and dreams come true, if they haven't already :P I can't really say, wish you great success, I mean, you're an idol, actor, MC, you even model clothing, what else is there for you to succeed in? xDD

I hope you received all the gifts from B2UTY for your birthday and that everyone showing their love for you put a smile on your face (:

Sorry but my present for you is gonna be a little late, just like how I haven't even shipped out Yoseob's present yet -dies-

And here's a picture spam from Daily Of Beast from the Daum Cafe :D

Also sorry that I've left this blog to die here. Uni is getting pretty stressing and stuff. I know I keep saying I'll try to post more but it's hard ):

But in the time I haven't blogged, I still gained followers and I'm very thankful for them (: Don't worry about the giveaway, it will still be happening, just not soon ): I still haven't bought the albums for myself yet! ):

I don't want to do the giveaway until I've made a post about the albums like I have with the other ones so far.

But expect a post soon because my dear Cookie sent me something in the mail and I shall make a post about it :3

Monday, March 7, 2011

Perfect not-so-young Yoseob

Readers, meet my new doctor. Doctor Yoseob. Very good doctor isn't he? With a doctor like this, why would you eat an apple a day if it kept the doctor away? LOL! Make your irregular check-ups and see him often for an itchy eye, a sore throat, a small headache, just go see him :P He rewards you with more than just lollipops and jelly beans :P

Okay I'll stop. LOL!

I can't understand this. How is this a 21-year-old man? He looks like a little kid on a merry-go-round having the time of his life with his two baby sitters watching him. LOL our lovely managers ♥ I love BEAST managers :P

I wonder if Doojoon's jealous that he doesn't get to be with Yoseob when he's on the merry-go-round? ;D

And this, my lovely readers, is my favourite of the batch of pictures that were posted from this... "Event"... It's like he wasn't even trying too hard to be cute but ended up super-major-uber-cute or something. I mean he's always cute no matter what he does but this picture, I love so much. LOL!

There are other pictures that were posted via Joonkun's Twitter and Yoseob posted other pictures too, but yeah I didn't wanna spam a bunch.

Also sorry for not posting lately. Lectures started again and I haven't been able to check updates as frequently as I used to. I check in-between lectures and sometimes during lectures haha! But like BEAST updates are pretty slow right now, which is a good way to start off the semester :P But apologies for those that stop by the blog hoping for something new ): But remember that I do not aim to provide the latest updates here, just things I feel like posting.