Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Kikwang!

Ahh I'm a little late on this. So it's our Kikwangie's birthday today! And hey, I think this is pretty darn good effort seeing as I didn't even make posts for Junhyung's and Yoseob's birthday, so Kikwang's is the first one since this blog was created xD

Happy Birthday Kikwang! I hope all your wishes and dreams come true, if they haven't already :P I can't really say, wish you great success, I mean, you're an idol, actor, MC, you even model clothing, what else is there for you to succeed in? xDD

I hope you received all the gifts from B2UTY for your birthday and that everyone showing their love for you put a smile on your face (:

Sorry but my present for you is gonna be a little late, just like how I haven't even shipped out Yoseob's present yet -dies-

And here's a picture spam from Daily Of Beast from the Daum Cafe :D

Also sorry that I've left this blog to die here. Uni is getting pretty stressing and stuff. I know I keep saying I'll try to post more but it's hard ):

But in the time I haven't blogged, I still gained followers and I'm very thankful for them (: Don't worry about the giveaway, it will still be happening, just not soon ): I still haven't bought the albums for myself yet! ):

I don't want to do the giveaway until I've made a post about the albums like I have with the other ones so far.

But expect a post soon because my dear Cookie sent me something in the mail and I shall make a post about it :3

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