Saturday, April 2, 2011

BEAST - 2011 Clride.n CF

Credits: domeweysp@youtube

OMGGG this is like the greatest thing!!! LOL!! I wish I was that girl so much. I've totally decided that I'm gonna be a model so I can have photoshoots with cute KPop boys. Okay no I haven't, I'm too ugly for that, but it'd be on my list of dream jobs ROFLMAO

When I first saw the video, within the first 3 seconds, first thing I saw was DooSeob's stare at each other. YES I CAUGHT THAT YOU TWO. And there was the bit where Yoseob and Doojoon were practically leaning on each other, I wish they would show us that picture. LOL!!

The pictures from Clride.n were incredibly hot rOfl. Like Kikwang OMFG you freaking... ALL OF THEM FAR OUTTTTTT.

So like yeah, if you guys haven't seen this, watch it. NOW. LOL! Hopefully we get more pictures yeah yeah yeahhh?? 8D

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