Saturday, April 23, 2011

From Cookie (: @estivate

So I got this a long while ago but I never got around to blogging about it here so here it is! :D

I have a dear friend Cookie from Singapore and we've been friends for many, many years now. I send her gifts and stuff all the time and vice versa (:

She sent this cute Yoseob photo card along with a letter. Now when I received this letter, it was ripped open. I thought my parents got to it, but they didn't. When I read the letter, she asked me which I liked best, then I stared at the Yoseob card in my hand thinking, "there's only one?" And that's when I figured out that more should've come. I asked her and she said she sent me more photo cards and also a BEAST pin - because I absolutely love collecting pins and pinning them to my bags :3

So I was pretty pissed that I don't have the other stuff ): How dare someone steal my gifts from Cookie!

I keep the photocard in my wallet with all my caps/purikura of my friends and me (:

A few days later, I got this.

Chyeah BEAST Airline poster. I think it was meant to arrive with the letter. LOL! It's not an official poster or anything though, but yeah, it's still a nice big BEAST poster nonetheless. Sadly I have no room on my wall so I stuck it near the bottom and I feel bad ):

Sorry about the quality of these pictures, I took them with my phone because I can't find my camera right now LOL - which also explains the lack of my blogging of the many new merchandise that I have right now. Also I don't know where in Singapore she got these things so please don't ask me, I've never been there LOL. And no, none of this is official stuff, but I don't care.

Thanks for reading (: I love my Cassiopeian Cookie :3


  1. That is such a cute picture !!!! Can't believe your whole wall is filled up lmaos My mum ripped my posters down from last time so yeahh T_T

  2. LOL Jeanny I thought you knew? I have two bedrooms, everything is filled. Posters also leaked into the hallway LOL!
    There might be pictures on Facebook? Not sure :S


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