Friday, April 15, 2011

Poster renovation

I forgot to post this the other night. But after my exams I took a break to sort out the posters that have been waiting to be put up. Even though I had heaps of posters and stuff, I never had time and space. I wish I took before-after pictures to show you guys LOL! But basically my room is just all Anime with a few JRock posters. Well, not anymore~ 8D

All the posters are all up now but I won't show the wall JUST yet :P

But posting this reminds me that I haven't made a post about something yet, which I shall hopefully remember to do tomorrow (:

I also have 2 more merchandise posts to do too. And two more that I'm still waiting on arriving :3 Look forward to them! ♥


  1. Hello!

    I really don't know your name, but I really want to be your friend. Fellow B2UTY here! :D

    Anyway, I really like your blog since it's informative and it gives me some knowledge bits on what to buy first.

    Like with the Bromide magazine (LOL. I forgot the issue number sorry) where BEAST was on the cover but they only had two pages of feature there. I almost bought it but after reading your post about it, I decided not to. :D

    Now, I know that you give such awesome reviews, I want to ask on what items should I buy first. I'm kinda' contemplating on what I should buy, so I'm asking for your opinion.

    Here are my pending items:

    * Genesis of BEAST
    * Shock Japanese Single Version A
    * B2UTY Special Fanmeeting shirt
    * SO BEAST! Collection 2011
    * AJ First Episode, A New Hero
    * Welcome Back to BEAST Airlines photobook
    * Welcome to BEAST Airlines concert goods

    What do you think should I buy first? Please list the items according to what I should prioritize (e.g. 1 for the most important, 2 for the second etc.)

    Thank you very much for this amazing blog! :)

  2. Err, I forgot to add these items. Sorry for the influx of comments. >___<

    * Autographed Mastermind album (KR version)
    * BEAST socks
    * BEAST Japan Premium Edition (CD + DVD)
    * BEAST cellphone charms
    * BEAST name tags

    Kekeke. Thank you very much! (Again XDD)

  3. Hahah no no don't worry about comments. I'm fine with it. I'm happy when I see the blog receives comments, because no one ever comments on the blog so I'm all lonely ;___;

    Hmm well to rank those on which I think you should buy first, I'd have to know what you'd like to take into consideration, like, price as well as quality? Stuff like that. Instead of having a conversation over this comments section, how about you leave me an e-mail: ? (:

  4. Hello!

    I've already sent you an email. The subject is 'BEAST items recommendation'

    Kekeke. I'm anticipating your reply! Thank you!


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