Friday, December 17, 2010

Bromide Magazine No. 55

Okay long time no update, there's an explanation - I'm taking too long to blog about their concert, I've been blogging about it for 4 days now LOL! So here's another update of something I currently have.

This is a recent issue as you can tell by the cover having album jacket shoots from Mastermind.

For readers from earlier, you might remember seeing this magazine in the BEAST shower for my friend's 18th (:

Now as some may know from previous Bromide magazines, there really isn't much happening in the issues. Even if the idols are the cover story, there's nothing anyways - which is a disappointment.

This was basically all, nothing much really like I said. But I didn't expect much from the magazine anyways because of the other issues I have. But it's BEAST so I still bought it haha!

And this is the poster that came with the magazine, with 2NE1 on the other side.

That's it for this entry, pretty short I know. Sorry for not updating frequently like I used to before, but things keep coming up with life and then I didn't think the blog about the concert would take this long. But it's a really long blog entry - just warning you now. Haha!

But please look forward to the entry about the concert, unless you follow my tumblr, then you know the gist of what I'm gonna post about anyways haha!

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mastermind album

Okay I know I said I'd be updating with magazines but when I looked at the blog it looked weird having two magazine posts in a row so I'm gonna put up Mastermind album here and get back to magazines another time!

Can I say now that I was so fascinated why the album cover? LOL! I'm highly amused by shiny things and damn was this awesome hahah! Yeah it's nothing special, you get the same effect with holo-foil trading cards and CD's and stuff I guess. But I don't care I'm bias! Haha! Here's a picture with my camera flash turned on.

Cool right?? So yeah when I first got the album I just sat there and stared at it and played around with it before even unwrapping it from the plastic. This album is one of those albums where if I saw it on a shelf, even if I didn't know the artist, I'd pick it up to have a look. Yes I'm that type.

But this album continues to not disappoint once I opened it.

It's made of cardboard but smooth, I never really know how to describe this type. But hopefully you can kind of imagine how it feels and it's texture from the picture.

The booklet was inside the little flap thing and it closes up all into a nice little package. There was really nothing much to the CD as you can see in the picture - just a little pattern on a silver disc. The booklet itself was nice and thick, the pictures printed out pretty good and I think the clothing and style was great this time around just like the first two albums.

Overall I was pretty darn happy with this album. Although it had the worse possible timing to release and for me to receive it. I received it just before my first HSC exam - yes, all hope for last minute revision was gone.

Really if you haven't bought this yet, even though it won't really help with the awards anymore, I suggest you still go pick it up and support the boys, I really liked it - more than I liked the previous two even if I loved them a lot.

However the site I pre-ordered off didn't have a poster so I had to go buy that separately (will be posted later) but I wasn't in a rush for it anyway because I literally have NO space left on my wall for posters. My posters are moved out into the hallway and other bedroom enough as it is. Even now that I have the poster it's not even up on the wall yet. So yeah, really no rush in getting it - what's important was that I got the album to help support BEAST.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bromide Magazine No. 50

Yeah I really don't remember which order I got these magazines in, I'm just posting them in order that they're on my shelf. So I guess this is next! Another Bromide magazine!

With the disappointment from issue 48, I didn't expect much from future magazines that I bought.

Yeah BEAST wasn't on the cover, but their name was! Although in the picture I took it's covered by the flash, whoops LOL! As like the previous issue, it also came with stickers.

Yeah this was all that BEAST got in the magazine, as to be expected. Nothing much really. It'd probably be more interesting if I could read the article, but I'm sure I already know the gist of it since all the articles are always saying the same things anyways.

Nothing much from this issue. But I didn't expect much either.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Bromide Magazine No. 48

So when I was updating the blog with all BEAST-related things that I currently have, I completely forgot about magazines. So the next few posts or so I will be posting the magazines that I currently have.

So here's the first magazine I got!

This is also like my first ever Korean magazine. It came with star photo stickers like I assume all KPop magazines (not just Bromide) comes with? But I could be wrong.

Nothing special happening with the cover, it was just the Shock Of The New Era poster rearranged, it looked better as a magazine cover than it did as a poster in my opinion.

At this point I'd like to mention that I was in awe when I saw how much the magazine cost. I only ever bought JRock and Anime magazines and they are in the $55-$70AU range. But if I recall correctly this magazine was in the $10-$15 range. Seriously that was a huge difference and I was amazed.

What upset me with this magazine is that this was all it had on BEAST. But it's not like it was spread out unevenly. Pretty much every other group or artist that was in it had this many pages each. I was expecting at least 6 pages of BEAST since they were on the cover. They weren't just some text on the cover, they were actually on the freaking cover. But all we got were 2 pages of nothing much interesting happening.

I wasn't really impressed with the poster either. Seeing as I was used to the posters from the Japanese magazines I previously bought and the posters that came with the albums, this was just bland. It's small and like those ones you get in those children magazines like Disney Girl and what not.

And there was BEAST on the back cover. Nothing spectacular, it's a back cover, never expected much from this part of the magazine at all.

Overall I wasn't as impressed with the magazine as I was when I first bought it online. But then from then onwards I didn't expect so much from a KPop magazine anymore, but if it had BEAST in it then I would still buy it because I waste money like that LOL!

But I guess, you get what you pay for? Shouldn't have expected the same thing for something that was pretty cheap compared to something $70 =\

BEAST's Inkigayo Win with Beautiful

Yes yes I know this was yesterday but I couldn't find a video to link to the blog because SBS is going ninja on YouTube videos.

They were in pink/white yesterday and I absolutely loved it! I mean I was in love with the previous yellow/black but the pink/white was so prefect!!

I totally approve of Yoseob blowing kisses all the time randomly haha! And Kikwang's laugh when Hyunseung was singing was so cute! Speaking of Kikwang, I laughed when Kikwang drew half the heart at the KiWoon part from the other day but this time, Dongwoon didn't draw the other half, so Kikwang looked rejected LOLOL <3 And DongSeob at the camera was love! Haha! They totally proved that they deserved the Most Photogenic Award! :P

What would've made this performance more perfect is if there was a DooSeob moment... LOL!!

Here's the encore!

In all honesty, when I watched the countdown, I just stared blankly at the screen thinking "KARA's gonna win no doubt ==" and then I saw BEAST on the screen and I was like "what!? O_O" And I just froze in shock for a bit and was all #($*#(GV*%#MB)(%#N OMGGGGG so happy that they won!! I was so not expecting it!!

Now BEAST has won at least one award from each music show! YAY! So happy!! Congratulations BEAST! You deserve the best!

So please. Sleep T_T Staying up for 9 days straight is gonna do more bad than good! Fans don't want tired BEAST at the concert!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

HOT CHILI PAPER Magazine Poster

Haven't updated on the current things I have lately, my bad! Believe me it's not because I ran out of things to post! :P

I'm pretty positive this is what I got next, it's the poster from HOT CHILI PAPER Magazine. I couldn't get the magazine in time... LOL! It got sold out way too fast! xD

Some of you might recognise this poster (and exact same picture LOL) from my blog about Lian's BEAST shower. Well that's because it's the exact same picture. LOL! Sorry I was too lazy to take another picture!

But yeah don't the boys look very handsome!? As always! :P I really liked how this poster was pretty large and the texture of the poster too! It felt rough, but nice. Haha!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Loving U (몽땅 내사랑 OST Part.1)

Yeah sorry I'm a little late on updating about this. I actually already listened to this last night when it was released but like parents were asleep and thought I was too so the volume was really low.

For those that haven't heard it yet, here it is:

I won't be posting the download link for the song, please purchase the song on MNet to support BEAST.

All I have to say is, Yoseob's voice is freaking amazing. I know it's awesome all the time and we shouldn't expect any less from the boy but damn! Haha, I absolutely love how he says "forever" LOL, I don't know why, I just do haha! Like we already heard it in All My Love but not all of it, and just when I thought it was awesome already, he goes all awesome-r when he sings higher (don't have that part in All My Love - or at least I didn't hear it haha).

Oh and Hyunseung and Doojoon sound great in it too haha! But the other three aren't in the song, or at least, I don't hear them. So it's not really BEAST, only half of them. But yeah. Still a pretty good song.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

첫눈 그리고 첫키스 (First Snow, First Kiss)

Okay yes I realise the MV came out yesterday morning (well day before since it's past midnight again) but I didn't want to make a post about it until there was some Official link on YouTube. But I guess if it's not up now it won't be? :S Ah well I'll edit with the official one if there is one.

But here's a subbed video by B2STLYSUBS & D'z Subs

For more BEAST and Dalmatian subs please visit B2STLYSUBS's Channel and D'z Subs's Channel.

Words can't express how happy I was when I watched this MV. Like as if the teaser didn't make me happy enough, this MV completely killed me. I sat here with the most goofy and stupid grin on my face and chuckling in joy swaying side to side and making random fangirl noises, at the same time tears ran down my cheeks seeing Daniel cry then at the end we see that it's when he was saying good bye to Yoseob.

Ahh~~ seriously ever since I knew about Soulmate0115 I wanted Yoseob and Daniel to be together again. Filming and recording this song must've been the first time they got to spend such a long time together in a long time.

The lyrics of this song is just the cutest thing, such a Christmas-y song.

Oh and I loved so much that Daniel kicked his legs in the air when he was laughing at 0:20 because Yoseob does that toooo~~~!!!! They do the same cute silly thinggggg~~~

I really want all the photos from the Jacket Shoot soon!! The ones we see so far are so cute!!

And I'm pretty sure they were crying during the photoshoot, LOOK!!


Okay I'll stop now LOL!!!

But really this is so wonderful. I'm so sure they asked their managers to do this and they let keke. And who wouldn't want their voices eh?

I'll end this post with the picture I wanted to see most when I saw the photoshoot during the MV, and I think it's my favourite of the ones seen so far! :P