Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bromide Magazine No. 50

Yeah I really don't remember which order I got these magazines in, I'm just posting them in order that they're on my shelf. So I guess this is next! Another Bromide magazine!

With the disappointment from issue 48, I didn't expect much from future magazines that I bought.

Yeah BEAST wasn't on the cover, but their name was! Although in the picture I took it's covered by the flash, whoops LOL! As like the previous issue, it also came with stickers.

Yeah this was all that BEAST got in the magazine, as to be expected. Nothing much really. It'd probably be more interesting if I could read the article, but I'm sure I already know the gist of it since all the articles are always saying the same things anyways.

Nothing much from this issue. But I didn't expect much either.

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