Wednesday, December 1, 2010

첫눈 그리고 첫키스 (First Snow, First Kiss)

Okay yes I realise the MV came out yesterday morning (well day before since it's past midnight again) but I didn't want to make a post about it until there was some Official link on YouTube. But I guess if it's not up now it won't be? :S Ah well I'll edit with the official one if there is one.

But here's a subbed video by B2STLYSUBS & D'z Subs

For more BEAST and Dalmatian subs please visit B2STLYSUBS's Channel and D'z Subs's Channel.

Words can't express how happy I was when I watched this MV. Like as if the teaser didn't make me happy enough, this MV completely killed me. I sat here with the most goofy and stupid grin on my face and chuckling in joy swaying side to side and making random fangirl noises, at the same time tears ran down my cheeks seeing Daniel cry then at the end we see that it's when he was saying good bye to Yoseob.

Ahh~~ seriously ever since I knew about Soulmate0115 I wanted Yoseob and Daniel to be together again. Filming and recording this song must've been the first time they got to spend such a long time together in a long time.

The lyrics of this song is just the cutest thing, such a Christmas-y song.

Oh and I loved so much that Daniel kicked his legs in the air when he was laughing at 0:20 because Yoseob does that toooo~~~!!!! They do the same cute silly thinggggg~~~

I really want all the photos from the Jacket Shoot soon!! The ones we see so far are so cute!!

And I'm pretty sure they were crying during the photoshoot, LOOK!!


Okay I'll stop now LOL!!!

But really this is so wonderful. I'm so sure they asked their managers to do this and they let keke. And who wouldn't want their voices eh?

I'll end this post with the picture I wanted to see most when I saw the photoshoot during the MV, and I think it's my favourite of the ones seen so far! :P

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