Friday, December 17, 2010

Bromide Magazine No. 55

Okay long time no update, there's an explanation - I'm taking too long to blog about their concert, I've been blogging about it for 4 days now LOL! So here's another update of something I currently have.

This is a recent issue as you can tell by the cover having album jacket shoots from Mastermind.

For readers from earlier, you might remember seeing this magazine in the BEAST shower for my friend's 18th (:

Now as some may know from previous Bromide magazines, there really isn't much happening in the issues. Even if the idols are the cover story, there's nothing anyways - which is a disappointment.

This was basically all, nothing much really like I said. But I didn't expect much from the magazine anyways because of the other issues I have. But it's BEAST so I still bought it haha!

And this is the poster that came with the magazine, with 2NE1 on the other side.

That's it for this entry, pretty short I know. Sorry for not updating frequently like I used to before, but things keep coming up with life and then I didn't think the blog about the concert would take this long. But it's a really long blog entry - just warning you now. Haha!

But please look forward to the entry about the concert, unless you follow my tumblr, then you know the gist of what I'm gonna post about anyways haha!

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  1. :O I wish they sold kpop magazines over here so I can get them cheaper at stores.!!

  2. Haha actually usually stores sell them at the same price as online + shipping. So it's usually around the same (: Korean magazines are really cheap though so you can buy them online if you want (^__^)


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