Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mastermind album

Okay I know I said I'd be updating with magazines but when I looked at the blog it looked weird having two magazine posts in a row so I'm gonna put up Mastermind album here and get back to magazines another time!

Can I say now that I was so fascinated why the album cover? LOL! I'm highly amused by shiny things and damn was this awesome hahah! Yeah it's nothing special, you get the same effect with holo-foil trading cards and CD's and stuff I guess. But I don't care I'm bias! Haha! Here's a picture with my camera flash turned on.

Cool right?? So yeah when I first got the album I just sat there and stared at it and played around with it before even unwrapping it from the plastic. This album is one of those albums where if I saw it on a shelf, even if I didn't know the artist, I'd pick it up to have a look. Yes I'm that type.

But this album continues to not disappoint once I opened it.

It's made of cardboard but smooth, I never really know how to describe this type. But hopefully you can kind of imagine how it feels and it's texture from the picture.

The booklet was inside the little flap thing and it closes up all into a nice little package. There was really nothing much to the CD as you can see in the picture - just a little pattern on a silver disc. The booklet itself was nice and thick, the pictures printed out pretty good and I think the clothing and style was great this time around just like the first two albums.

Overall I was pretty darn happy with this album. Although it had the worse possible timing to release and for me to receive it. I received it just before my first HSC exam - yes, all hope for last minute revision was gone.

Really if you haven't bought this yet, even though it won't really help with the awards anymore, I suggest you still go pick it up and support the boys, I really liked it - more than I liked the previous two even if I loved them a lot.

However the site I pre-ordered off didn't have a poster so I had to go buy that separately (will be posted later) but I wasn't in a rush for it anyway because I literally have NO space left on my wall for posters. My posters are moved out into the hallway and other bedroom enough as it is. Even now that I have the poster it's not even up on the wall yet. So yeah, really no rush in getting it - what's important was that I got the album to help support BEAST.

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