Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My first KPop albums

Since I got into BEAST after this album came out, they wouldn't have won awards when I bought it. Also I don't usually buy CDs, it's always the iPod Touch LOL!

But with BEAST, I felt like I needed the albums or I would die. I never got around
to buying BEAST Is The B2ST album so I bought it in the same shipment as Shock Of The New Era.

I was highly impressed with the album, it was a nice thick sturdy canvas with the little things that made it nice like the wireframes.

The lyrics booklet was far different from what I was used to, it was a nice thick book filled with pictures that I adored staring at. And there was even a thank you booklet with messages from the members.

Better yet I got the poster with the album too!

I don't know if it's just me since it's my first time buying a KPop album, but this poster was better quality than the usual JRock posters I have and larger too. I quite liked it. I took down some posters on my wall and put it up right away (:

Very nice for my first KPop album.

I ordered Shock Of The New Era at the same time like mentioned above. This time it could've counted towards their awards but I was not knowledgeable enough to know the different sites to use.

I was really into this, it wasn't as flashy was BEAST Is The B2ST but I was looking forward it a lot after seeing the the lyrics book for the first mini album. I already saw the pictures but I just really wanted to see it in the booklet haha! I absolutely loved how Yoseob and Doojoon looked in these pictures.

The lyrics book was stuck to the cover, I think we can peel it off, but I don't want to so mine is still stuck on hehe. The CD is really nice and fancy too, I liked it (:

Like the first mini album I got a poster with this one too!

I wasn't as happy with this poster because they weren't really together. It was just sloppily cropped together. Nonetheless I liked it still and I put it up below the BEAST Is The B2ST poster! (:

I guess that's all for now. Thanks for reading!

Tomorrow I'll post something else of mine! =D



  1. may i know where did you purchased the beast is the b2st cd from ? & where are you from :) ? please send me a message at Twitter @pinkyypirate or at Facebook Yee Fenn thanks :)

  2. Hi you're a lucky girl I would like to get those merchandise but I don't know from where, please could you send me the webpage where you bought it! I'll be thankful evermore :)

    1. This reply was already sent on Nov 23 before the Blogger Reply option was available, so in case you haven't seen it:
      Hi umm I would if you left me contact details to get back to you with ahah ^^; I can't seem to access your Blogger Profile either.
      Please send and email to ^^


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