Thursday, November 25, 2010

BEAST light stick

So here's the next thing I currently have! I'm trying my best to post these things I currently have in the order that I got them, I think I got this after I got the albums, I'm pretty sure? LOL! Oh well! I've had this thing for monthsssss now! =D

This is the BEAST light stick!

I don't know I thought it was pretty cool haha! I should've taken a photo of the light turned off but I didn't think that far haha! The green thing wrapped around it the handle there allows you to hang it around your neck for convenience during performances and stuff! :P

I bought this before the ones for the individual member ones came out, and I still have yet to be bothered ordering those six in haha! I think there's a new BEAST one as well, I can't recall correctly. But I'll take pictures once I decide to order them!

But right now I'm hunting for the official CUBE light sticks! They are a must-have!

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